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Sent from my iPhone.

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Had to title it that. I am typig this up with my iPod... Which is an iPod touch but it still says iPhone on my emails...

Anyways, I had a terrible day. Crying over it too.

So basically, first thing. I'm at choir camp. It's like band camp that lasts a weekend and it's full of...boring.

It's in the middle of the mountains and woods. There's no phone service. I tapped into the internet, but it only works in the cafeteria.

So, first thing that happened to ruin my day... I jumped off the swing set and skinned my knee. I didn't care at first, but now it hurts really bad.

But the main thing that happened that sucked.. ex girlfriend and I had a song. It was our song. She wrote it, and taught it to me on the piano. I miss her a lot... And I wanted to show her a video of me playing her song on the piano.

So I sang the song for the talent show. I played it on piano, sang my heart out

Blanked out on the first verse.

I stopped, walked off stage, and cried.

It doesn't seem as bad to you guys, but that song meant a lot to me. I felt like shit and just... I didn't want to mess that up. But I did.

And during the course of typing this, two people tried to talk to me and I yelled at them to go away. And one go offended. -.-

But yeah. So i'm depressed.

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  1. ChinYao's Avatar
    Awwww, that's so sad! Gee I hope things get better, I nearly cried at state because I messed up bad with my song too.
  2. Musashi's Avatar

    I can understand where you're coming from with messing up something that means a lot to you. Not sure how much this helps, but you do have lots of friends to lean on.
  3. Dewgong Reign's Avatar
    Go on Google and search "cow fail", "cat fail", and then go on Youtube and watch all the Charlie the Unicorn videos, and then watch the funny cats, and here:

    Are you better?
  4. Koji-Kun's Avatar
    Hallowheart: thanks <3

    Musashi: thanks :) I go to you guys for rocketshippy feel betters n.n

    Dewgong: those didn't quite help
  5. ShinyAeon's Avatar

    Nothing to do in these cases but have a good cry, eat something sweet and fattening, and read/watch whatever makes you feel better most of the time. Do the best you can from your current location, and hang in there.
  6. Koji-Kun's Avatar
    Shiny... That's just what I did :) I cried for awhile, then wAtched the 5 episodes of pokemon I had on my iPod til it ran out of power

    And I probably shouldn't have eaten so many oreos... o_o;;


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