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  1. My Mom is a PSYCHOPATH.

    by , 8th September 2009 at 11:26 PM
    So, first day of school as a high school senior. I'm excited. A little mad i have to get up at 6am because i have a 0 period. But whatever.

    Day goes by okay. I get home, do my math homework, call my mom to tell her about my day. She acts like nothing is wrong. Everything is fine. I chat on here for a bit...

    And then it's nearing 9pm my time. I remember my mom said something about cooking dinner, so i try and call her for the millionth time since 7. She answers, and ...
  2. Some helps on life? :3

    by , 4th September 2009 at 03:03 PM
    Sorry i'm posting another blog so soon, but i need your guys's help on this. D:

    So i'm a senior in high school at a pretty cool Art School. Thing is, there's two branches of students here. The Drama Kids (who take up a good half of the population) and the other kids. :o And the geeks (which is me and my cosplay club friends).

    The Drama Kids don't like me frankly because i'm not in Drama. And if i were to be in Drama, they'd probably forget i was in the "geeks group". ...
  3. Some stuffs to say :P

    by , 4th September 2009 at 02:32 PM
    Firstly, i posted my fanfic i talked about in mah last blog. http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f227/close-encounter-color-%5Bpg-13%5D-%5B11-14-chapter-3-up-%5D-42961/

    You should TOTALLY read it. XD My little Firenze is growing up so fast... *sniffles!!* Well... she is in my outlines. :P You guys are currently seeing Firenze stage 1. Then she adapts into a whole other person... cuz she's cool like that. You'll see what i mean. XD

    And my friend Cat said she isn't a very likeable character. D: I had to change her up to make ...
  4. Bloggedy Blog Blog

    by , 31st August 2009 at 04:58 PM
    Hey Bulbagarden! Sup?

    Anyways, i will be posting about my fanfiction today. :3

    I'm writing a TR Based fanfiction. It's more situated in the games, dealing with Red on multiple occasions. It's mostly the story of Firenze, who joins Team Rocket and quickly works her way up in the group until she becomes an Executive.

    My only plot inconsistencies may arise from HGSS coming out and saying who the main leader is of TR, Domino having a role in my series (when ...
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