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I fell. XD

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I was running up the stairs outside, going up to the front door to my cabin (not my house, mah cabin... it's a small house in the wilderness of Big Bear :P).

I was holding my school books, ready to do my math homework.

I fell.


I tripped on the top step, dropping my books. I slid a few feet, my head crashing against a little welcome statue with a bear on it. It knocked out of the way and i ended with my head hitting on the wall of the house.

I screamed.

I might have a concussion. :o My arms are all scraped up, and my side has a good rug-burn sorta thing. My head has a gash accross it from that Welcome Bear. :o

The good news: I'm home today instead of at school! :D

And i must have hit my head hard. I've been in a good mood since XD

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  1. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    I've been to Big Bear! ^_^ And man, that sucks...
  2. Koji-Kun's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by $aturn¥oshi
    I've been to Big Bear! ^_^ And man, that sucks...
    If you ever wanna stay at a cabin there for free, feel free to ask me! :3

    And it does suck. XD But i didnt have to go to school today, so thats a bright side


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