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The new Hoenn map.

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It doesn't look as Kyushu-esque that I'd like it to be, but whatever. It's nice to see what game events and areas will be maintained in the remakes just by looking at the map such as the Regi Chambers and the Abandoned Ship. It was obvious that we'd get them, but it's nice to get visual confirmation. It also looks like we'll be getting some new locations as well. But no Emerald Battle Frontier worries me, though. I hope it's just obscured by the clouds on the lower right hand corner. And I hope we will explore all of Hoenn's islands that we didn't get to do in the originals.

Hoenn looks awesome in 3-D, by the way. Fortree City look gorgeous and I like the design of the Cycling Road too. And Roxanne's character redesign look awesome.

Here's hoping ORAS will blow HGSS out of the water!

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  1. DarkMeow's Avatar
    But... but I loved SoulSilver...

    Anyway, yeah, the new map looks great, but since I don't really know much about Hoenn, I couldn't really tell what was new and what is old. I was kind f lost on that part.
  2. BlackButterfree's Avatar
    I saw landmasses hidden in both the upper right corner and lower right corner underneath the clouds. And then there's that ominous black/purple mountain just a little northeast of Fortree City... I wonder what all of this will mean...
  3. Ninja Boy Alpha's Avatar
    I looked at the clouds blocking parts of the region, and I just rolled my eyes. Other than that, I like the map. I am just hoping that it's not like Kalos, where there was a lot of background scenery that we couldn't explore. Technical limitations, I'm sure. One can hope, though. Right?


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