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I recently lost my most treasured Blaziken, Akita, to the cloning glitch in Pokemon Emerald. I was trying to clone the Master Ball, so I entrusted it with her. Big mistake, as I did the glitch wrong, and as a result, Akita is no longer with us. I want to start over my Emerald, but I made to the Battle Frontier only hours ago, and I don't want all those days of grinding to go to waste, but it looks like I have no choice. Well crap, looks like I'm a bout to cry. Anyways, rest in peace, my good friend. I will always miss you.

Akita the Blaziken
May 31, 2010-June 13, 2010

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  1. Raves's Avatar
    I'd say it serves you right for trying to abuse a glitch, but that would be rather...chicken of me.
  2. Tiki Man's Avatar
    Man that happened to me once too so I know how you feel. I lost about five pokemon I had really worked hard to train when I did it. Rest assured since then I've always been extremely cautious when trying that glitch out of fear for loosing any more of my favorite pokes.


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