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Nuzlocke Diamond: Part 1

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I started a Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Diamond today, and I'm going to keep a record of it here. I started with Chimchar and named him "Yuke Yuke." After that, I caught a lovely little Shinx, which I named "Kumatora", after the character from Mother 3, and I almost didn't catch her because she didn't want to stay in the frickin PokeBall. On my way to and out of Jubilife City, we had many close calls. We even had a hard time in Jubilife (Damn Abra and it's Hidden Power!) In the cave to Oreburgh City, I caught a Geodude, and her name is "Ishi", and on Route 207, I caught a Machop named "Lee" after Bruce Lee. No deaths so far (yay!) or badges. Trying to train up for the Gym battle is no fun, since I have to get everyone to level 14, and my strongest is only at level 11. At one point, I was freaking out about not being able to catch Mesprit later on because you find it at Lake Verity, which is where you get your starter, so the starter is your Pokemon for that location, but then remembered that Mesprit is a wandering Pokemon, so you don't actually catch it there.

That's all for this update. Laterz.

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