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  1. Mesa fail

    I fail. I beat Falkner easy and went to challenge Bugsy, on the way JOEY died in the Union Cave.

    I beat Bugsy whit ease but Silver killed my entire team so that's as far as I got, not even to Whitney.

    I will not start over since I didn't find it to be fun enough.
  2. Nezlock Chalenge HeartGold

    As my starter I chose Cyndaquil and named it LOLCAT.
    Route 29 and 30 are effectively out of the question when it comes to catching anything so I just train there, however route 46 is also accessible early in the game, so I thought I should try there, but my Pokemon was too strong and knocked out the Sparow I meet so I moved on to Cerrygrove and here did I something I have never done before, I bought 5 heal balls.

    Since I had had some bad experience before, when I met ...