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Poketradetilludrop Christmas Giveaway ideas

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by , 15th November 2010 at 08:42 AM (677 Views)
Well, I was considering doing an ev trained pokemon giveaway this christmas for the shop, but I was trying to decide on what to do. Here, please put what you think I should do, which ever pokemon gets the most votes is the one I will ev train multiples of for the giveaway

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  1. Surferboy's Avatar
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    Well what are you going for?

    Sweeper, Wall, Stall, Annoyence? Please be more detailed.
  2. Samwin's Avatar
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    anything really, choose a pokemon on smogon, then I shall put up a selection of ev spreads
  3. Surferboy's Avatar
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    Ok. Im going with something that Is rarely seen or used.


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