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Nuzlocke: Lana, Day 3

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by , 6th June 2010 at 07:52 PM (248 Views)

Lana and Caleb Nuzlocke Challenge Rules

User: MizuJakkaru
PKMN Version: Sapphire
Character Name: Lana L'Engle
Character Gender: Female ♀
Starter PKMN: Treecko ♂
Starter's Nickname: Juniper

Lana's Journal: Day One | Day Two | Day Three

Partner: Shiay
PKMN Version: Ruby
Character Name: Caleb Kale
Character Gender: Male ♂
Starter PKMN: Mudkip ♂
Starter's Nickname: Zatch

Caleb's Journal: Day One | Day Two | Day Three

I tapped my food against the pavement impatiently. Where the heck was he? Leaning back against the wall of the Pokémon Center, I sighed and dug my hands into my jean pockets. I had been here at least half an hour now. Maybe he really had ditched me... I rose a hand up to touch the bandanna around my neck lightly. Maybe this wasn't even important to him. Heck. He probably had more than one of them in his backpack or something.

What a total jerk.

Scowling, my bad move transferring to Juniper on my shoulder and setting him off in a glare, I sighed and tromped towards Petalburg Gym.

"Fine. Whatever."

I didn't need Caleb, and if he wanted to play some sorry prank like that, I wouldn't let him. I could just continue on my own and that would be that. Still... my mood saddened a bit. It would have been pretty fun traveling with him...

A girl with a mission, I followed the street signs until I came upon the large building at the north end of town. I stared up at it with poorly contained excitement, stifling my anger at being ditched by Caleb. Without hesitation, I stepped inside the building.

Glancing around, I tugged at my gloves nervously. My first gym challenge. I could hardly wait. I shuffled further inside the gym to try and find the leader, Norman. Instead, I nearly jumped our of my skin as someone called out behind me.

"Yo! Champ in the making!"

I flinched and turned around. Wow. How had I missed this freak. He stepped out of the shadows of the statue just inside the gym entrance and grinned at me. He was wearing these freaky circular glasses and he was kinda over weight. Not to mention he was mopping sweat off his forehead. Had he been following someone...?

"... Champ...?" I echoed him.

"Well. You're gonna be a champ. I know when I see em," said the man.

"Thanks, I guess? Look, have you seen Norman around anywhere? I came to battle him."

"Sorry, Champ. He's out helping a young boy catch his first Pokémon. Besides, did you just start out from Littleroot, champ?"

I grimaced. Not only would he not stop calling me "champ," but he seemed to be able to hit the nail on the head. Did I look that new? Well... then again. I glanced at Juniper, who glanced back at me. I guess the Treecko gave it away.


"Then you should probably head on to Rustboro. Norman's trained against some of the best. He usually only takes challengers with four badges or more."

Frowning and clicking my tongue against my teeth, I studied the man critically. "You're sure?"

"Been followin' gym battles my whole like, champ. I'm sure as sure can be."

"Well. ...Thanks." With that, crossing my arms over my chest, I took my leave. Or I tried to.

"See you later, champ!"

...Yeah. Picking up my pace, I got outta there. Whoa. What a creeper. I hoped I would be able to revisit Norman's gym later without having to see that guy again. Not that I didn't appreciate him rooting for me, if that's what you could call it, but...

Sighing, I made my way back through Petalburg Town, this time headed towards the western exit. Before I could make it very far, however, I was greeted with a familiar, not nearly as creepy, voice.

"Hey! Llama! I told you that bandana was important! What do you think you're doing, running off with it?!"

I turned about face and glared at Caleb. "What did you call me?!"

He made no reply, however, and instead he grabbed the bandana, still tied around my neck, and tugged. Hard. I gagged and shoved him away. Rubbing my neck, I redoubled my glare. He held his hand out expectantly, saying, "Let me have it."

"Hold your Rapidash. Let me untie it..." I said. Reaching behind my neck, I tugged the knot in the bandana free and pulled it off, holding it out to Caleb. He swiped it out of my hand and tugged it as swiftly as he could manage back onto his head. I rose an eyebrow. I guess it was pretty important to him. Wonder why... I mean... I had any number of bandannas, but none of them were more particularly important than the other.

Then, of all the gall, he grinned at me. "So, to the gym?"

I crossed my arms and sighed at him, frowning. The silence between us drew on as his grin fell and he quirked his eyebrow at me. "What?" he asked.

"A little late, aren't you?" Juniper nodded, bobbing his head back and forth.

Caleb frowned slightly. "Oh... yeah. I got into a battle. What? I told you I wouldn't ditch you."

At this I glanced aside. Yeah... he had said that. Clicking my tongue and raising my hand up to scratch at Juni, I sighed. Way to make an ass of myself. "Okay, I'm sorry I didn't trust you. I didn't see any Trainers on my way here so I didn't even think about that..."

He shrugged and held his hands up. "No hard feelings."

Then he grinned again and, despite myself, I grinned too. Rubbing at my neck, still a bit embarrassed by my mistrustfulness, I explained what I had been told by... Mr. Yo-champ.

"I've already been by the gym. I don't think we're going to be able to battle Norman. This guy there, man was he a creeper, but he said Norman only takes on challengers with four badges or more... And since we both just set out from Littleroot, I think our chances are shot."

Caleb frowned at that and shook his head. "Darn. I was looking forward to getting a badge... Norman must be pretty strong, then."

I nodded. "I think so."

Then, tapping the ball of my hand against my forehead in stupidity, it hit me. I should show Caleb Konanae! Grinning at Caleb's trademark quirked eyebrow, I reached for the second capsule on my belt and held it up, twirling it on my finger tip for good measure. "Bet you can't guess what this is."

To my surprise, he mimicked me almost exactly, grin, capsule, twirl and all. "Right back at you."

I smirked and tossed the capsule out. The little Zigzagoon let out a trill as she was released to the pavement and rushed forward to greet... a Wurmple. I rose my eyebrow at that and squatted down to get a better look at the little Bug-type. Caleb, too, had dropped down to ground level to study my catch.

"I named her Salia~," he said. The little Wurmple watched carefully as Konanae ran in a circle around her. Konanae wagged her tail back and forth and let out another chirrup.

Shaking my head in amusement at the little Pokémon, I replied, "Her name is Konanae. To think we'd both catch Pokémon already..."

"Well. We should try to catch Pokémon in each area we go to, don't you think?"

"I guess," I replied, musing.

Salia took this time to worm her way towards Caleb, where she promptly climbed onto his knee. Konanae, now without a playmate, launched herself onto my other shoulder. I topped forward, throwing out a hand to keep my balance. Juniper chattered at the Zigzagoon irritably. "Hey now, I only can carry one of you."

Returning Konanae and standing back up, I shrugged at Caleb. "I guess there's nothing left to do here."

"Yeah," he replied, nodding. Returning Salia to her capsule, he grinned at me. "To Route 104?"

I smirked back. "To Route 104."


We set out from Petalburg in due time, after spending a little while arguing over the best way to take, since Route 104 had both a beach path and a wooded path. Finally, we decided to compromise. Since the beach path eventually ran into the woods anyways, we figured we could take the coastline walkways first and then voyage through Petalburg Woods to the other side.

I glanced out across the water, watching a distant flock of Wingull soar back and forth over the waves. Caleb followed my gaze and grinned. "I'd like to catch a Wingull."

I smirked and reached for my Pokédex. Flipping through the information, I held the device up to him. "Says they're wild, here, in this route."

At this, he pursed his lips and rubbed his chin in thought. "Maybe we'll find one if we look around."

"Or..." I began, "maybe we should split up for a bit. About an hour? To look for wild Pokémon?"

"Alright," Caleb replied after a moment's thought. "Where do you want to meet, then?" He glanced down at his watch and I glanced at mine. 12:19.

Then, looking back up and gazing around the shoreline, I pointed out across to a small, barely worth of the name, cape, where a little cottage sat on the rocks. "How about in front of that building?"

Caleb looked to where I was pointed and nodded. Then, grinning, he held out his hand. "Shake on it?"

Smirking back at him, I clasped my gloved hand in his and shook firmly. "An hour, partner."

"An hour."

With that, we both turned about face, like we were in some kind of gun slinging duel and marched off in opposite directions. Caleb was headed down the beach towards a sandy patch of grass we had spotted earlier, I guessed, and me? I was headed up the dunes. I wanted to get back towards the lusher grasses and try to find something there.

After about a ten minute trek up the and down the dunes, with no wild Pokémon in sight so far, I finally began to cross out of the sandier area of the route. As sand gave away to thick green grass, I dropped to my knees and began to look around. Juniper leapt off my shoulder and crawled around with me.

I sneezed as the grass ticked my nose, but still I continued my search. From what my Pokédex had said earlier, Wingull weren't the only bird Pokémon on this route... I had also seen a Taillow listed. And that would be a great catch. Man, I'd love a Taillow.

We spent the better part of our hour just looking for a Pokémon to catch, and, just when I was about to give up hope, I heard a shrill cry above me. Me and Juniper both looked up in time to see a small Taillow fluttering above us, carrying something in its claws. I frowned. Now how was I supposed to get Juniper to attack an airborne enemy...?

Before I could figure that out, however, I topped back as something soft and squishy hit me in the head. Landing hard on my rear end, I held my arms out to cradle whatever had rolled down my face to land on my chest. Looking down at the poor Wurmple in my arms, all scratched up and beaten, and looking up at the angry Taillow in the air, I could imagine what had happened.

Fed up with losing its prize, the Taillow gave a loud squawk and fluttered off. I sighed as I watched it go and turned my attention down to the little shuddering Wurmple.

"There, there..."

Juniper peered over my arms curiously to get a better look, his tail twitching. The Wurmple cowered down into my hold and against my chest. I couldn't help but to grin. What a cutie. Shifting so I could hold the Wurmple with one arm instead of two, I let my pack fall to the ground and began to dig around inside.

Grasping the Potion I'd gotten for free earlier that day, I sprayed its contents onto the quivering mass gently. "This'll fix you up."

The Wurmple gave a soft cooing in reply and curled into me. Little gold eyes looked up into mine and the Wurmple nuzzled into my neck. I laughed. "Wanna come with me, little one?" The Wurmple gave a nod and I grinned. Who needed a Taillow when the best Pokémon were the ones that gave you good memories?

I stood back up, Wurmple in tow and glanced down at my starter. Juniper looked up at me expectantly and then launched back onto my shoulder. "C'mon, Juniper, let's go show Caleb our newest party member... Memory."

Current Team:
Juniper: Lv11 Treecko ♂
Konanae: Lv7 Zigzagoon ♀
Memory: Lv4 Wurmple ♀

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