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Nuzlocke: Lana, Day 1

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Lana and Caleb Nuzlocke Challenge Rules

User: MizuJakkaru
PKMN Version: Sapphire
Character Name: Lana L'Engle
Character Gender: Female ♀
Starter PKMN: Treecko ♂
Starter's Nickname: Juniper

Lana's Journal: Day One | Day Two | Day Three

Partner: Shiay
PKMN Version: Ruby
Character Name: Caleb Kale
Character Gender: Male ♂
Starter PKMN: Mudkip ♂
Starter's Nickname: Zatch

Caleb's Journal: Day One | Day Two | Day Three

I murmured and rolled over in my sleep. The sun was shining in through my bed room window, and the shaft of golden light was hitting my eyes. It was like someone had decided to use Solarbeam, I swear. My normal morning grouchiness faded away, however, when I realized what had happened yesterday.

My first Pokémon.

I rolled over and propped myself up on my hands. There he was, curled up in a small green ball on the side of my pillow. I grinned at him. I wasn't one of those kinds of girly-girls that squealed about how cute things wear... but I couldn't help but love that adorable little Grass-type already.

I shifted out of bed, the motion stirring my Treecko into waking. He reached out a hand and pet him softly as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and he gave a yip of his name at me.

"Lana?" I heard a knock at my door. "Sweetie, breakfast is ready."

"I'll be right there, mom."

Without wasting any time now, I rushed around my room and tugged on my clothing. Treecko flopped out of bed in the process, and, after I had braided my hair, he hopped up onto my shoulder. Grabbing the backpack I had made up last night, I headed down stairs. I almost banged my knee up in the process. The stairs had been on the opposite side of our house in Lavaridge.

My mom greeted me with a small smile as I entered the new kitchen. There were still boxes every where, but some how she had managed to find what she needed to make pancakes. I set my backpack down on an box and accepted a plate and silverware from her. Treecko leaned from his perch and, before I got started, I tore one of the pancakes in half and gave it to him. When he was munching contently, I copied him.

"We need to talk about what you did last night, Lana."

I gave a groan and glanced at my mom. I swallowed the hunk of pancake in my mouth and said, "Mom, really, it's not like I got hurt or anything. Besides, you like him, don't you?" I gestured at the Treecko.

Her gaze softened for a moment as she eyed the gecko, but then hardened back up. I recognized those eyes as the 'I'm going to say my piece so you better just hang on for the ride' deal. Great.

"Now, young lady. The least you could have done was tell me where you were going. Imagine my dismay when I discovered your room empty when I went to tell you dinner was ready! And then you, coming back in the dark of night--"

"I was gone for like, half an hour!"

"Gone in the dark of night! I'm in a right mind to make you wait until tomorrow to leave."


I gaped at her. How completely below the belt. I mean, seriously. Before I could retort, however, there was a knock at our door. Actually, okay. I take that back. It was more like a pounding hailstorm of knocks, the way whomever was going on behind them.

Glancing to my mom, I followed her to the door, setting my half eaten plate down on the kitchen table. She opened our front door to reveal a frantic, frazzled and by all means freaked out Mrs. Kale.

"Have you seen Caleb?! My son?! He was gone this morning! Just... Just-just... gone. No note or anything! And I went to Professor Birch and he said he had gotten a Pokémon yesterday. I can't find Caleb anywhere! I called ahead to the Poké Center in the next town over but... the woman there said he hadn't shown up..."

My mom reached forward and patted Mrs. Kale's shoulder quickly. Sensing an impending soothing stage act, I quickly shuffled back as my mom lead Mrs. Kale back to her house. I only followed after my mother gave me a warning look to tag along. There was a flurry of suggestions and ideas from one mother to the next as to how to best track down the vagrant little prince. And, in the ensuing butsle, as my mom began to call up centers in Oldale and Mrs. Kale began to wring her hands raw. I sighed and waited it out.

Finally, when all attention seemed to be directed to the person on the other end of the phone line, I slipped out of the Kale's house. There in their front yard, my heart pounding, I made my desicion. With the commotion untangling in the house reaching its fever pitch, I hurried back to our house and grasped my backpack, swinging it on. I scrawled out a simple note of goodbye to my mom, grabbed one last pancake and slid out the back door, making a beeline for Route 101.

Time to throw caution to the wind and chart my own path.


Route 101 had been more or less completely uneventful. We had run into a few wild Pokémon, me and Treecko, but we had yet to purchase any Poké Balls, so capturing anything was out of the question. Nevertheless, we reached Oldale unscathed and in good spirits. I grinned up at the little gecko and scratched him under his chin. He trilled out his name in response.

I glanced about the place with interest. We had passed through Oldale while moving into Littleroot, but since I had been in the back of the truck, sightseeing was far from one of the things I had been able to do. No windows and such. Wandering aimlessly through the sleepy little town, I nearly did a double take.

Couldn't be...

Unable to quell my curiosity, I headed over to a smallish stand of trees off the main road of the town. A person was curled up in a sleeping bag there. And, sure enough, I recognized him as I stepped closer.

It was no other than the little runaway, Caleb.

What I didn't anticipate, however, was the sharp and shrill barking of a Pokémon at my feet. A bit startled, I stepped forward to get a better look the little thing. It was a Mudkip. I smirked, realizing that Caleb had indeed been out collecting his starter. The little Mudkip continued to bark up at me in irritation and, not to my surprise, he managed to wake up Caleb in the process.

Caleb groaned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes before finally looking up to meet mine. As he continued to wake up, giving me a bleary, irritated gaze, I squatted down to be on eyelevel with him.

"So," I began, "I heard an earful at your parent's house, little prince. Something about finding your bed empty and you having snuck out for an adventure across the region."

I smirked. Caleb, while annoying, what kind of interesting. I had never met someone quite as willing as he was to ditch his family. I mean, other than myself. But then, it had been a long time coming and my mom hadn't exactly forbidden me to go anywhere... it was just that she was trying to keep me one more day. Caleb, on the other hand, seemed a bit different... running off and all. It was like his mom hadn't even ever wanted him to leave.

Yawning in response to my statement, Caleb responded, "Oh really? Good thing I wasn't there. I hate commotion."

Grinning as he flopped back down into his sleeping bag and rolled, I shook my head. He was annoyed with me, I mused in delight as he hunched his shoulders at me and curled into his sleeping back. Smirk tugging further at the corner of my lips, I continued to talk. This was too priceless.

"Yeah, well. I love it. Gave me a chance to slip away from my own house. And now, here I am myself..."

I watched him as the silence following my words began to draw out. My grin began to fall as he offered no reply. And as seconds turned to minutes, I shrugged and glanced down to the half of the audience that was giving me attention.

The little Mudkip eyed me curiously, though with great caution and a tad of mistrust. I tilted my head at it and grinned. It sure was cut. I never expected a boy to pick something like a Mudkip, but then, I had never expected to pick Treecko. Though, now that I think about it, I didn't know which of the three I had wanted to begin with myself.

"So what'd you name it...?" I asked, hoping to stir a response from Caleb.

He rolled over and offered me a scoff, though, he did sit back up with a yawn, so I was getting somewhere. "I named him Zatch..." he replied. Then, he began to shift sluggishly and get out of his sleeping bag. I grinned. Look at me. Already making friends. The little Mudkip, Zatch, gave a bark up to me and Treecko.

"He seems like fun," I said. I leaned down to study him closer. Treecko took that moment to slide off my shoulder and greet Zatch himself. He eyed Zatch with great curiosity and then held out a little green hand towards the other Pokémon.


I grinned at the two of them and leaned back on my hands, watching Caleb pack his sleeping bag up and strap it onto his backpack. It only took him a few minutes, and when he was done, losing interest, I gazed up at the forming clouds in the sky. Musing, though not willing to admit my own inability at naming Treecko, I thought aloud, "I couldn't think of anything to name mine."

I hopped he would suggest something, really. Even if his idea was sucky, I could at least run with it and come up with something else. Treecko looked between me and Caleb expectantly, seeking a name in the silence. From the corner of my eye, I caught Caleb looking down at the little green critter as Zatch barked up at him once more. The boy pursed his lips and then, after a pause, replied, "What about Juniper?"

"That sounds kind girlish..."

Frowning slightly, I glanced to Treecko. He chirped happily up at Caleb, liking the suggestion, and I allowed my frown to drop. Well, if Treecko liked it, then I guess the shoe fit. I mused over it a moment more, and Caleb, seeming to take my silence for dislike of his suggestion, cracked a smartass grin.

"Well, you could always name 'im 'Princess'."

I frowned once more, "If you were a Pokemon, your name would be 'Prince.' ...Juniper sounds okay. Maybe it'll grow on me. 'Sides, he seems to like it."

Watching as Treecko, no wait, Juniper, sniffed tentatively at Caleb's fingers and then, contently, shuffled back up onto my shoulder, I eyed Caleb once more. He didn't seem to have a real plan. Or, at least if he did, he didn't seem to want to tell me about it. I rolled my shoulder and leaned more heavily on my arms as I pondered over it. Maybe I could talk him into traveling with me. After all, two was better than one, and even though he was a bit irritating, so was I at point. But how to do it...?

"So, where are you headed first?" I whittled. Best to start small.

"...Dunno... Away from home, other than that, I don't really care..."

His expression seemed to harden as he spoke. Hmm. Definitely something behind that. I shifted back up into a straighter position "I was thinking Petalburg first, myself." I crossed my arms over my chest and mused. At his blank gaze, I continued, "There's a Gym there."

Caleb quirked an eyebrow at that and he slung his backpack onto his shoulders. "Oh...?"

I grinned and tilted my head from side to side. "He's called Norman. He uses Normal-types."

"... Interesting. Takes his name in stride, doesn't he?"

I almost laughed at that. This guy was definitely worth traveling with. I was actually pretty excited about the Gym Challenge, now that I thought about it. It had always been a plan of mine to take them on, but since mom had always kept putting off my registration as a Trainer, I had never really driven myself to get pumped up over it. Now, having Juniper and Petalburg being only a hop, skip and a jump away, I could feel the excitement settle in.

"Guess so. Actually... Now that I think about it... most Gym Leaders seem that way... I heard there's some girl named Misty in Kanto that uses Water-types... Hm."

I laid back against the grass as I thought about the Gyms. It would be great to topple them all over like some kind of conquering champion. Juniper curled up next to me as I imagined myself master of all eight Hoenn badges. A grin tugged at my lips. Maybe if I prodded Caleb with a bet that I could get all eight before he could, he'd consent to travel with me.

"Mhm..." Caleb confirmed after a moment, "and a leader named 'Brock' that uses Rock-types. Only know that from a Gym Leader documentary that was on TV a while back."

"Heh. Crazy."

That was it. We were straying off topic, and, realizing that I may very well lose my chance, I decided to just come out and say it. I sat up with a grin, pulling Juniper into my arms and I eyed Caleb intently. He rose an eyebrow at me and knelt down to scoop up Zatch and I stated simply: "You know, we should travel together."

Juniper hopped up onto my shoulder at the suggestion and swished his tail in excitement. He seemingly approved the notion. Caleb... on the other hand, looked a bit skeptical.

"...Really now?"

This was it. All or nothing. Punchline or silent crowd. Go or no go. Life or death. I nodded at him. "Think about it. We can drive each other crazy. Take points. And at the end of the journey, when all is said and done, we can murder each other. It'll be great. Tons of laughs. What'd'ya say?"

Then, slowly, Caleb smirked too. "All right... sure. It's a deal."

Hah. Success. I dunno what it was about Caleb, maybe it was because we were similar in that neither of us seemed to care what anyone else thought of us. Maybe it was because we were both a bit irritating that we seemed to null each other out and could tolerate one another. Whatever it was, it was my professional opinion as a sixteen year old that we would, at the very least, make good traveling companions. Friendship could come second, if that first part worked out.

I smirked too and got to my feet, Juniper scurrying onto my shoulder as I dusted myself off. "Great," I replied.

With that, we set off into Oldale. The Poké Center seemed to be our first point of interest, where we both managed to set up a storage account where we could send excess Pokémon captures. Then, with no trouble, we managed our way to the Poké Mart. Splitting the cost of food between us and the both buying potions and healing items for ourselves, we left the store with our packs much heavier than when we had entered. The man at the counter had even thrown in an extra Potion to each of our purchases for free.

I grinned as we stepped out of the Mart, my step skipping just a bit. This was going to be great. Before we could make it far towards Route 102, however, a man from the Mart rushed after us and queried between gasps, "Y-you... you kids are b-both... n-new T-Trainers coming in f-from L-Littleroot... R-right?"

Eyeing him suspiciously, I glanced to Caleb and shifted my pack warily. "Yeah... that's right. Why do you ask, Mister?"

The man straightened back up after catching his breath and dug inside his apron for something. I eyed him curiously and, from the corner of my eye, could see Caleb looking on with just as much interest as the man rummaged in his apron for whatever it was he was looking for. Finally, after a few more moments, the man withdrew his hands and held them out to either of us.

"A lot of Professor Birch's newly registered Trainers come here first when they start on their journey. Though, seeing as you both didn't stock all the way up on some things, I thought I would provide you both with something rather important -- especially if you both plan on expanding your teams."

I grinned down at the ten red and white capsules in the man's hands, five in each. I, like Caleb seemed to be, was completely speechless. I hadn't even thought to purchase capsules earlier. What kind of fool was I? Still, entirely grateful to the man, I glanced up at him as he continued.

"Here's five for each of you to get started -- and remember! You can always stock back up on getting Poké Balls when you see a mart in a new town!" With that, we were both given the extra five capsules and the man returned to his store.

I placed the items into my bag and grinned at Caleb as we turned once more towards Route 102. Once again, we met a distraction. Or rather, I should say, Caleb held us up this time. He was frowning, and since we were just on the verge of entering Route 102, I gave him an impatient look. He paused where he stood and waved his hand at me, trying to cue me to head onward.

"Sorry, I need to pick up something. I'll catch up with you in the next town -- I promise! I just need to buy something real quick."

Furrowing my brow and eying him mistrustfully, I replied, "How do I know you're not just saying that to ditch me, huh?"

He groaned at me and, for a moment, I almost felt a bit sorry I had nettled him. Still, how could I know he hadn't just been playing along to get rid of me at Route 102? It seemed like some kind of prank that you could easily pule for a laugh, and, if I hadn't genuinely wanted to travel with Caleb, I might have done it myself. I made to open my mouth and consent anyways, but before I could, he set off at a ramble.

"I-- Oh, c'mon. Fine... y'know what? To actually ensure that I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass about this, here's my bandanna..." He rolled his eyes and slowly, reluctantly, he tugged off the aforementioned article. He watched on indifferently as I took hold of it and then he turned to go, rushing away.

I peered down at the bandanna curiously and then glanced back up as he called back at me, "And you take care of that! It's important!"

I watched him turn around the corner and shrugged. Well then. Tying Caleb's bandanna around my neck carefully, I grinned at the Treecko on my shoulder and set off into Route 102.

The route was heavily wooded and was abuntant in the tall grass the Pokémon seemed to favor. Wasting no time at all, I dove into the grass and set to looking. It didn't take me long to spy a Pokémon near to a smallish pond. I recognized the little brown and vanilla colored critter as a Zigzagoon.

"Alright, Juni. Let's see what you can do."

Juniper leapt off my shoulder and scurried towards the Zigzagoon. The small critter looked up, startled and its fur bristled up in challenge. I grinned. I was definitely going to try to catch it.

"Alright, Juniper, use Pound! Give it all you got!"


I watched as Juniper charged ahead to attack the small Zigzagoon. He struck the mammalian critter, but in return, the Zigzagoon slapped Juniper in the face with a Tail Whip attack and sent him sprawling. I bit my lip as I watched Juniper shake his head to regain his sense and stand back up.

"C'mon, Juniper. Once more!"

The Treecko nodded at me and as the Zigzagoon stampeded forward in a Tackle attack, Juniper met it with his own Pound once again. I grinned slightly as the Zigzagoon was thrown off and I dug in my bag quickly for a capsule. Expanding it, I tossed it out at the weakened critter as Juniper stepped off to the side.

My stomach tied itself in a knot as I watched the capsule writhe back and forth in the grass, causing the blades to sway. It shook again and again, the light on the button's face slowly growing dimmer with each consecutive motion.

Finally, as I held my breath in anticipation, the light flickered off.

The ball stayed still.

I exhaled and knelt down to scoop the capsule up.

I shook my head in marvel and peered down at the metal sphere. Juniper clambered back up onto my shoulder and gazed at it too. I grinned at him and congratulated him with a scratch under the chin. I dug in my bag once again to pull out my Pokédex. Surveying over the information on my new female Zigzagoon, I paused as I stared down at the field my Pokédex left blank: "Nickname."

Hmm... I started walking through the grass once more as I mused over the name for my Zigzagoon. I didn't want to have to resort to asking Caleb again when we met back up. Though, in all truthfulness, I hadn't really asked him for Juniper's nickname. He'd just given it. But still.

"What to call her..."

The trees and grass began to thin as I continued to walk. Just as I hit the first bit of pavement in Petalburg, it came to me. "Heh. Konanae. I like that." Clicking the buttons on the Dex, I entered the nickname and grinned. I stepped onward through the city

"Well, Juniper. C'mon. I bet if we wait at the Pokémon Center, Caleb'll find us there."

With that, I set off towards the red roofed building to wait for my partner in crime.

Current Team:
Juniper: Lv10 Treecko ♂
Konanae: Lv4 Zigzagoon ♀

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  1. Shiay's Avatar
    ;⌂; You actually have Pokémon that've died on you now? Ffffffffffff... I keep switching them out before they get the chance to do so. oTL Then I run, run, run to the Pokémon Center. .D.
  2. MizuJakkaru's Avatar

    I lost em in a Trainer battle. ;_; Most of my team was weak/low HP and I forgot to go the long way around to avoid the trainer. She killed Memory and Creampuff before I got the chance to murder her Marill with Juniper.


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