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Nuzlocke: Lana and Caleb Challenge Rules

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by , 1st June 2010 at 11:19 PM (444 Views)
User: MizuJakkaru
PKMN Version: Sapphire
Character Name: Lana L'Engle
Character Gender: Female ♀
Starter PKMN: Treecko ♂
Starter's Nickname: Juniper

Partner: Shiay
PKMN Version: Ruby
Character Name: Caleb Kale
Character Gender: Male ♂
Starter PKMN: Mudkip ♂
Starter's Nickname: Zatch

-If a Pokemon in your party faints, you must release it.

-Every time you reach a new route, cave, etc., you must catch the very FIRST Pokemon you see, regardless of your current number of party members. The Pokemon may sit within the box for an indeterminate amount of time as a backup.

-If you fail to catch the first Pokemon you see, either via it fleeing, knocking it out, or having no Pokeballs, you may NOT catch another. Tough shit.

-This means you can NOT catch a Pokemon in a route you were in before you could catch Pokemon. So no Route 1, you were there before you had Pokeballs.

-If a town you go to contains a body of water or a gift Pokemon like Bill’s Eevee in G/S/C/HG/SS, that may be considered a Pokemon of a new area.

-You are, under NO circumstance, allowed to get a second Pokemon from any given area.

-You MUST nickname your Pokemon so there is some sort of attachment. Each pokemon is a best friend to you, to see them die is heartbreaking.

-If your entire party faints, all but two of them must be thrown away.

-You may NOT switch out before the enemy trainer sends in a new Pokemon.

-You are NOT allowed to use legendaries in battle.

-You may only purchase Pokeballs when you FIRST enter a town and you may only purchase them ONCE per town.

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