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National Bulbagraphic issue 1 released!

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We're very proud to announce the release of National Bulbagraphic. Feel free to page through the first issue--and if seeing how awesome it is has inspired you to contribute, drop me a PM. We're always looking to add more writers.

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  1. Mako's Avatar
    Erm... the title looks a little squished together ^^;
  2. Ferbgor's Avatar
    The link is not working for me.
  3. evkl's Avatar
    Not sure why either issue is cropping up...the link works fine for me (try reloading?) and the title looks fine. What's your screen resolution (that's causing the title-squeeze?)
  4. Mako's Avatar
    That might be it, actually. I'm currently using a dinky little Netbook.
  5. Ivysaur's Avatar
    @evkl: I can't access Bulbagraphic, or even Bulbanews and Bulbapedia, on either my iPod or my brother's laptop. Something must be wrong with the servers.
  6. evkl's Avatar
    @Life Alert: Can't speak to that, since I'm not experiencing it, but I know earlier in the night we were having page load issues. Might be a continuation of that.
  7. Ivysaur's Avatar
    It does seem to work now (and there aren't any issues with the title page, as far as I can see). It really looks great.
  8. Kars's Avatar
    Yeah the link is down on my end too.
  9. Noivern's Avatar
    I like the content, but I do think that the layout of the articles could use some work. Headings and formatting, anyone?
  10. winstein's Avatar
    The format of the individual articles are quite good, but I didn't like the format of the layout of the articles, because the feature articles are below the index of the other articles. In my opinion, all feature articles need to be above the index.

    The selection of articles are great, but somehow I thought that there will be more articles. Perhaps we don't have a lot of writers yet. Still, I can lend a hand at this. It's a good start.

    By the way, shouldn't there be a thread made for this article like the other BulbaNews articles?

    Thanks for reading.
  11. Mako's Avatar
    Keep in mind that it's only just been released. There's still some sprucing up to do.
  12. Kavidun's Avatar
    I am disappointed. I was expecting a webzine style thing, and ended up with something less appealing to the eye than Bulbanews' Homepage.
  13. evkl's Avatar
    Sorry for those of you that are bummed by the layout or the product. But I'm very much open to comments and criticisms to help improve the layout going forward.


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