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  1. I woke up with a bug on me....

    A black beetle to be exact. Shook it off, and when it was still on my bed, tossed it out the window. Also, I only got like 6 hours sleep, and yet I'm far more refreshed than I should be. No complaints about that, however!!
  2. Marriage does not equal having kids

    It's surprising how many people think Marriage=Having kids.

    Do I want to get married someday? Yes. Do I want to have children? No, not really. And then cue the confused expressions from the people who asked me about my future and always the final, idiotic, question: "but you said you wanted to get married."

    Wanting a spouse =/= Wanting children

  3. I checked out the Youkai Watch Anime

    It's pretty cute. I can see why kids enjoy it.

    * Whisper the ghost and Jibanyan are cute, and really entertaining. Unlike Pikachu, they talk, so they sort of go above being simple cute mascot characters.

    * The Yokai Watch plays little jingles (sounds like the Wizard Driver from Kamen Rider Wizard), and the fact it ties into a real-world merchandise I think makes it popular with kids.

    * Show has a really leisurely, slice-of-life gag style to it that's ...