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Life of a Former Insurgent

Well I'll be....

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I might've noticed it a lil bit late, but I've exceeded 2000 VMs.

Joined in Aug 2009. I thought I'll never be famous around here, so I stalked and stalked, roaming the wide virile forum, with each morning I expected no notifications at all. I was a complete loner. Never even bothered to VM either.

That is, until I received some friendship requests, and my very first VM. I cannot believe my eyes. Someone actually bothers to VM me, hah! I think that person was Dark Dreams. Huzzah!

Eh I never expected to reach more than a dozen of visits either, considering there are some crazy active people out there sauntering with godlike visitor messages, and profile visits, not to mention having a minuscule post count, which by the time I left, I only had more than 300 posts. A year after my absence, and now several months later my post count doubled. Wasn't expecting this... really hoped my post count per day stays forever 0.5 posts per day =/

I noticed I was getting more social months after I came back. Back then, I was seriously expecting only 1 notification per week. I was the sort of person who will go crazy over a notification and then headdesk after finding out it was an infraction. With the advent of post quotes, likes, and mentions, those days are over. Notifications I expect is always a post quote or VM, whatever.

What a big improvement over my old self. I hope my posts per day count regressed back to 0.5 posts per day, hah! Before I left I ditched some of my best friends here, and most of them left. Now there are a handful of new friends who keep me company. But then, it goes from nearly 50 friends to 20 friends. Oh well.

Joiners from 2009 unite!!

~ Neltharion Spearheart Deathwing/ Nevermore the Raven

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  1. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar

    Congrats bro.

    P.S I have 1369 vms.
  2. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    ^ This.

    I have like 1500. And I've only been here for four months.
    I'm a VMmer, I love chatting. :D
  3. Noivern's Avatar
    You know, in the beginning... I think I was like you, too. Took around two months before the first VMs and friend requests came in.

    Now I have 741 pages of VMs, 7402 VMs, and 23k visits... Whoa!


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