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Life of a Former Insurgent

I was thinking....

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I had an idea. To improve my poetry skills I'll have someone PM/VM me some facts about him/her and I'll compose a poem about them. However, I wonder if this idea strays too close to @Zenax National Bulbagraphic channel. I'd effectively get this idea from him, which ain't good.

So I'll need the opinion of some you. Should I do this or shouldn't I? I have a lot of school works, and some of your poems might be as imperfect and boring as watching paint dry, but I could improve my poems at the same time. So should I go for it? I'm known to be a bad decision maker though

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  1. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar

    Go on make one about me.
  2. Zenax's Avatar
    National Bulbagraphic is Bulbagarden's official magazine, what I do is called National Geographic, BMGf member Edition.

    But it's a bit similar to my articles, I don't like seeing people take my idea, even if it's to do something different.


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