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  1. Hello Guys!

    Thank you all for wishing me a happy birthday (yes it seems to be late, but it's better than not saying it anyway). I'm not sure if you genuinely remember me or you saw a random person on the "today's birthday" list and that happened to be me, but who cares. Glad to hear that I'm not forgotten. School's going well for me, and I expect further improvements as I finish the last half of the second semester of what it seems to be the most important grade of my life. I just have my priorities, ...
  2. Awesome Song

    I believe you guys can associate with vocal trance better.

    Anyways, this song was stuck in my head the whole day. I just discovered it in my TATW 400 folder while playing GTA SA with User Track Player.

    Starting from 1:20 it gets incredible.
    2:04 I was practically flying and bouncing everywhere.

    Here's the song:

    Listen to the lyrics as well.
  3. August 2

    You know what day it is?

    As such I'm going to dedicate this blog (and day) to two things: Anime and Music

    First off, let's start with anime:

    Completed Anime: 22
    Total time spent on watching anime: 19.1 days
    Favorite Genres:
    - Slice of Life
    - Drama
    - Historical
    - Comedy
    - Romance

    Least Favorite Genres:
  4. Internet At Last!

    Aye, so I'll say "Welcome back, Nelthy. You've gone 2 days without internet."

    Notice I'm absent for around more than 2 days and 2 nights? I was out to Wutai Mountains in Shanxi Province. Since I'm here, I'll tell y'all my story anyway, even though a 2 day absence is not a big deal, but I like telling stories anyway.

  5. Well I'll be....

    I might've noticed it a lil bit late, but I've exceeded 2000 VMs.

    Joined in Aug 2009. I thought I'll never be famous around here, so I stalked and stalked, roaming the wide virile forum, with each morning I expected no notifications at all. I was a complete loner. Never even bothered to VM either.

    That is, until I received some friendship requests, and my very first VM. I cannot believe my eyes. Someone actually bothers to VM me, hah! I think that person was Dark Dreams. ...
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