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  1. Vizzed Board


    My referral link for Vizzedboard. I'd appreciate it if you guys clicked. See my last blog post for info on it! :D
  2. Nintendo 8 LIES!

    Okay, a few months ago I posted a blog entry on Nintendo 8. I lied, I've found no way to save there.

    Recently, however, I stumbled across a website called "Vizzed Board". They have many, many games and they're all very easy to get to. YOu can make an account so you can save and reload you're games, but it's not as easy as it sounds, so reading the how to may prove good in the long run for you.


    If that link ...
  3. Hunting Guild

    Hey. Just a quick update on a subject I might have mentioned to some of you before:

    My shiny hunting guild is now open again. It's run by me and a few of my friends. We decide what Pokémon we're after, then we all hunt it till we can get a shiny. 100% legit, no hacks. It still takes a ton of time, but it's fun to do because you're working with your friends, and it's like a competition. Since it's not just one person after the target, the odds of finding it are WAY higher.
  4. Mass Adventures of Neon Thoughts

    Okay guys, my sprite comic is under way! The story for the first few panels is taking shape, and so far it seems to be fitting together very nicely. I'll be posting the introduction very soon, probably sunday night, and the comic will arrive either monday or tuesday.

    My company? Neon Thoughts Productions.
    my logo:

    Doesn't exist at the moment.

    Since I was in a rush, I used cooltext.com to make it... but i hated it. If anybody wants to try and make ...

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  5. Nintendo 8?

    When I was a kid, my parents wouldn't let me near video games. They said I had to be a certain age so I was less influenced by them. It was always a real treat when I had a chance to play anything, more so since I've always had good reflexes and been quick to pick up controls, so in a few matches I'd be blowing my friends away.
    The first system I ever got was a Purple Gameboy Advance, which I still have. Since then, I've gotten pretty much every system, PSP, DS lite, SP.. I refused to get ...
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