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Last Day of Summer

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As the title of this blog indicates today is the last day of my summer vacation. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do today? I want the summer of 2009 to go out with a bang so I'm open to anythng.

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  1. Zynetic's Avatar
    Strictly speaking the last day of summer is on September 20th. ;]

    And what you should do?
    Well, whatever you most enjoy! It doesn't neccessarily have to be something big and public, just whatever you enjoy.
    I spent my last day of summer talking to my all my online friends, because, well, that's what I really enjoy. :]
  2. 1337R34P3R's Avatar
    it's my last day, too. i'm doing what diryn suggested, b/c everyone's in school.
  3. AshTheManKetchum's Avatar
    Yea, Diryn's suggestion is probably the best. Everyone I know is in school already, so I'll just talk to my mates over AIM or something. Cheers =)


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