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It's Back!

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Well the first day of senior year came and went and was frankly pretty uneventful. Though I did not want to be there in the slightest, it was just orientation so for now I was somewhat content. I slept through most of the speeches which spouted the cliche bullcrap about seniors becoming the leaders of the school and so forth but, one thing piqued my interest and awoke me from my slumber. To my displeasure an announcement was made stating that all Latin IV students had to translate the first thirty lines of the Aeneid. Now this really pissed me off as we hadn't even had our first class yet and to my knowledge no other teacher had done this. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come but, senior year is supposed to go by quickly right?

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  1. Zynetic's Avatar
    Senior Year will probably be your most stressful, and not because it's the last year and you're getting your graduation (I think that's right...but I'm probably not. I DO know that it's something important).
    Teachers will stress at you all the time about how you must buck yourself up this year and how you must learn and yada yada yada.

    UGGHHH. I know how you feel, and I'm only in the second to last year of high school.
  2. Mudkipz's Avatar
    Nah, Junior year is usually the most stressful. Senior year is the easiest. If it weren't for college admissions happening during senior year, it would be a total joke.

    That's what you get for taking Latin (or did you not have a choice?)


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