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Hidden Treasures

Ongoing Summer Story Mini Game Ideas (part 3)

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by , 5th July 2013 at 04:02 PM (293 Views)
Just to clarify, by 'everyone' I mean every participant on the treasure hunt. If an entire team participates, then I will mark it as 'The whole team'

Free for all Games

On Thin Ice

The rules: Avoid the spiked balls on the ice rink for 30 seconds. The last one standing wins.

Who plays: Ash

Treasure Hunt Trivia

The rules: Answer as many questions about what has happened on the treasure hunt so far correctly in 60 seconds--whoever has the most correct answers wins

Who plays: Everyone

Revue Recall

The rules: Watch a performance, then answer as many questions about it as you can in 60 seconds--the team with the most correct answers, wins.

Who plays: The whole team

The Beat Goes On

The rules: Match as many notes in the sequence as you can--whoever remembers the most notes, wins

Who plays: Brock (he remembers 40 notes out of a hypothetical 99 note sequence in this glorified game of Simon--the runes you hit are arranged identically to a game of Simon, but they are tuned to a D major chord instead of an A major chord)

Solo vs. Team Games

Spotlight Search

The rules: The solo player has to avoid the spotlights of the team for 30 seconds. If the swimmer is caught in all three spotlights, the team wins

Who plays: Misty (as the swimmer)

Boulder Dash

The rules: The team must work to make it to the top of the hill in 30 seconds, avoiding the rocks the solo player sends down all the while. If even one of the team survives, the team wins

Who plays: Ash (as part of the team)

Tsunami Trouble

The rules: The solo player makes waves to blow the team from the water in 30 seconds--if even one of the team is still standing, the team wins

Who plays: Misty (as the solo player)

Double Games

Pizza Panic

The rules: Each pair has to work together to eat as much of their pizza as they can The pair that cleans their plate (or is farther along) in 30 seconds, wins

Who plays: Cilan and Ash (Cilan gets a stomachache afterwards)

Jackpot Games

Keyhole Kaper

The rules: Each player takes their key and unlocks a door--whoever finds the jackpot, wins. (while finding the jackpot is the technical objective, there are other prizes to win, as well as unpleasant effects)

Who plays: Everyone

Bonus Games

Parachute Plummet

The rules: Maneuver your parachute and collect as many jewels as you can--whoever has the most upon touchdown wins (the credits from the jewels are the team's to keep, no matter what happens)

Who plays: Ash

Parlor Trick

The rules: each team mate chooses a card from the deck--if they find a prize, that prize is theirs to keep no matter what. However some cards have unpleasant effects (eg. gentle static shock, cold air blast, etc)

Who plays: The entire team

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