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The Legend of the Radiant Divinity

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So I got RPG Maker VX Ace today, and my first homemade RPG I'm hoping to make with it is called "Pokemon: Radiant Divinity"

The basic story:

In the world of Tiriande, the people were terrorized for many years by Darkrai and his demons. Then one day, a holy warrior called by Arceus that shone with every color of the rainbow defeated Darkrai in a long battle and restored peace to the world. Since no one knew the shining holy warrior's name, history just records him as the Radiant Divinity.

A thousand years have passed since the Radiant Divinity defeated Darkrai, and ever since then, every new knight apprentice receives a special sword when they graduate, in remembrance of the Divinity.

In the little town of Mayul, a newly graduated young knight named Ash goes out into the world to seek his own fortune, unaware of the perilous journey he is about to embark on--one that will see him become a new Radiant Divinity!

It's inspired by Zelda, classic Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest, so be prepared for a good, long adventure with tons of things to do outside the main quest

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  1. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    Good luck with this project! Have you looked into Pokemon Essentials for the general code framework? That package has greatly lowered the barrier to execute ideas like these, so I've heard.

    Just to be sure, though... if this is your first time making a game, don't expect anything awesome just yet. It's harder than it looks, but one should never get discouraged.


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