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Hidden Treasures

Come here for behind the scenes info and worldbuilding for all my fics and projects.

  1. Dungeon building

    by , 15th April 2014 at 09:17 AM (Hidden Treasures)
    We're coming up on Elegy Caverns, where the Night Onyx lies--so that means time to ask the eternal question--how to write interesting dungeons that don't become a monster or puzzle parade?
  2. Let's Play Anime Mad Libs

    by , 8th April 2014 at 05:26 PM (Hidden Treasures)
    Anime Mad Libs, go!

    See what you can come up with for this little scenario:

    In his youth, Ash Blake was mortally wounded while (verb)ing a (noun). He is revived by a glowing green (noun), and given a special (noun) that marks him as a (capitalized mildly misused English term)—a human bonded with a (noun) from (a place). Now an (adjective)teenager enrolled in a school for (capitalized mildly misused English term)s, he is derided as a (supposedly negative but actually ...
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  3. Google's Epic Pokemon Joke

  4. Okay, they're not battling....

    by , 27th March 2014 at 05:18 PM (Hidden Treasures)
    Instead of Serena, Callum, Trevor, and Tierno battling each other, they're going to do something else.

    --Ball in the Battle Chateau (where they are deemed royalty for a day, complete with prince and princess costumes)
    --Epic dance party (Tierno character development)
    --Another play that's a bit more Asian style (Trevor character development
    --Go on to Connecting Cave

    Of course, I'm open to suggestions.

    Updated 27th March 2014 at 07:14 PM by LightningTopaz

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  5. But what if they DON'T battle?

    by , 20th March 2014 at 01:15 PM (Hidden Treasures)
    I'm at the point in the game where you first battle alongside Callum against Trevor and Tierno. Yet part of me wants to just cut the battle and use this spot for a bonding/character development moment, featuring an event not in the game, like a Kalos Safari Zone.

    Some possible ideas:

    --a picnic (featuring the Pokemon used in the original battle)
    --epic dance party in a new story exclusive town--or anything in a story exclusive town (Tierno character development ...
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