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  1. Offerin' starters and eevees + some random stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimsky View Post
    Oopsie! Can someone move this to right area?

    • Charmander lvl 1
    • Chicorita lvl 1
    • Treecko lvl 1
    • Mudkip lvl 1
    • Mudkip lvl 12 (japanese) Not givin' this up easily ;)
    • Totodile lvl 1
    • Bulbasaur lvl 1
    • Cyndaquil lvl 1
    • Turtwig lvl 1
    • I can breed every starter from all games

    • 4x Elekid lvl 1
    • LOTS of lvl 21-22 Pichus
    • LOTS of lvl 1 Riolus
    • LOTS of lvl 1 Eevees
    • Lots of Lvl 1 Scythers
    • Lots of lvl 1 Horseas


    Updated 27th November 2009 at 02:12 PM by Kimsky

  2. Kim's back!

    Hello everyone, sorry for bein' away for awhile. I had no internet at dorms where I currently live, and now I'm visitin my parents because of holiday.
    This'll last 'till 13th or 14th of October but I think I'll get working network soon enough when I'll return to my apartments.

    How're you been?
  3. Pokémon platinum <3

    I finally got it! NDS and pokémon platinum on it! Can't wait to get somewhere where's WLAN connection so I can get my Wi-Fi working and friend code to share :)
  4. Kim's moving!

    Aah! Tomorrow! Tomorrow at 8 AM (Finlands time) I'll be moving to Espoo (City in Southern Finland)
    Univercity starts (...soon someone comes and says "Aren't you mixing Uni with High School? No I haven't my HS times are over : )) day after tomorrow and new life will begin along with it \o_
    Pure randomness~~
  5. Hmm.. Nostalgy?

    I sense silence

    I just have nothing to write in the forums :D I'll think most of my posts'll come when I'll get my beloved nDS :D

    Hmm.. Started playin' pokémon crystal. It has been a while since I last played this and when I opened my old save I noticed that I have pretty decend team there (including breeded growlithe who knows thrash and body slam <3 Attack up! attack up!)

    Hmm.. I think I'll go back to game -->
    Pure randomness~~
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