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Zesty Cactus

The best of Pokémon Rouge

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by , 7th March 2010 at 06:01 PM (772 Views)
As some of you folks might know, I've been playing Pokémon Red Version in French (as I'm trying to boost my French skills... and because it's fun!).

Anyways, I've found the French script of the game is noticeably goofier than the English version. At first I wondered if it was just because some stuff sounds a little weird when I mentally translate it back to English, but some of this stuff is totally silly on purpose. Anyways, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite gems...

* You know the Youngster on Route 3 who's obsessed with shorts? He's really into it in Rouge. He's like, "YEEEEEAHAHA! J'adore les shorts!" or something to that effect.
* When you recieve a traded Pokémon, the dialogue from the other trainer is "Au revoir, M. Mime! (sniff sniff)"
* The seasick captain of the S.S. Anne is like, "Blorf." at the beginning of his dialogue. Idk, I thought it was hilarious XD
* Remoloss (Slowpoke)'s species is the "Cretin Pokémon". Nice...
* You know the guy in the Celadon Dept. Store who's like "Yo, I finished Pokémon! Here, have a TM!"? he's sooooo silly in the French version. He's like "J'ai fini!!!! J'ai fini Pokémon!!!!" i mean, I was excited when i finished the National Pokédex for the first time, but...
* I didn't write down any of the dialogue but Erika's Gym trainers are really kooky. The Beauties are like "I'M BEAUTIFUL, RIGHT?! LET'S BATTLE!!!!"
* Rocket Grunt in Saffron City: "Etre méchant, c'est mieux que d'se laver les dents!" ("being bad is better than brushing your teeth!")
* The move Pay Day is called "Jackpot" and after you use it it says "Une pluie de pognon!" which translates to "A rain of cash!".
* One of the Cue Balls on Cycling Road just says "No future!" in English when he challenges you. idk I thought it was funny and punk rock or whatever... i had "God Save The Queen" stuck in my head after seeing that.

More to come, I guess. :P

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    Heh, that's interesting.

    "Etre méchant, c'est mieux que d'se laver les dents!"


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