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  1. Arceus

    I've noticed a couple Arceus discussions have emerged lately, and a couple things have been bugging me. I felt like making a forum about it, but I figured it'd be a bit more appropriate as a blog.
    Anyway, here are my views on the whole Arceus debate.

    Arceus is the creator of the universe:
    No. Though this is possible, the canon specifically says, and I quote the HG/SS pokédex word for word,

    "According to the legends of Sinnoh, this Pokémon ...
  2. Gen 5 Pokémon Wants/Speculation

    Welll I kinda feel like making a list of what I new Pokémon I want there to be or think there could be. These aren't all my ideas of course.. most things have probably been suggested by now. I'm not going to go into prevos or evos of preexisting pokemon.

    Will 'O Wisp: Not Gastly. Gastly is somewhat Will 'O Wisp based, but not entirely. This would be Fire/Ghost or maybe Ice/Ghost. Would be cool, I think.

    Centipede or Millipede: As far as I know there isn't one ...