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  1. Pokemon Red

    hell yeah. birthday present from one of my really good friends in return of taking her to a Boys Like Girls concert.

    $14.00 total, including shipping and handling.

    /does Mew glitch, starts out with Charmander.
  2. Pokemon Yellow

    i got Pokemon Yellow yesterday for $8 from a friend. i'm playing it on my Gameboy Color that i bought about 3 weeks ago at a local store for $18. :3

    Pokemon Red is currently on its way. one of my friends bought it for me as a b-day present, but i'm trying to coerce her into giving it to me early, since my b-day is September 23rd.

    i'm looking forward to doing the Mew glitch here pretty soon... :D i'm pwning a Bellsprout with my Charmander.