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Won by the skin of my teeth

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I'll start off by saying I lost the first time against to Kalos' E4. Siebold was the last of them I faced, then he sent his last pokemon, Gyarados. I don't have an electric pokemon or attack on my team, so Gyarados are tougher. It kept using Dragon Dance, so I was unable to beat it (never send a Chestnaught to fight it). I had to go against the E4 again, this time beating his Gyarados with my Malamar and its Topsy-Turvy.

But this isn't relating to the title of this blog.

The Champion. For their entire team, I was breezing through with mine, then came Mega Gardevoir. It surprised me as I had no idea the champ had it. I sent out my Doublade to use its Iron Head, but of course Garedvoir had to use Shadowball. My team was and is no mach for it. After it destroyed my team, Chesnaught was the only one left standing. Gardevoir had a little less than half its HP left, and the champ hadn't used any Full Restores yet. Needless to say I was doubtful Chesnaught would survive, and I would become champ. Then came Gardevoir with its Moonblast.

Wait. Chesnaught didn't faint? 8 HP left?! My victory lied in this one attack, and Chesnaught, the last of my Pokemon - my starter - landed Seed Bomb for the win.


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  1. Focus58's Avatar
    This is so like my experience, it's scary.
    That Gyrados and Gardevoir were easily wrecking my team.

    Congratz on your win!
  2. IS1296's Avatar
    thanks, I don't know what I'd do if I lost XD
  3. L.L.'s Avatar
    Nice. The only reason I got past those two is because of the monstrous attack stats of Golurk and Tyrantrum.


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