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To very little surprise...

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I am back. For the most part.

Long story short, my friend gave me 30 dollars and dragged me down to Gamestop to buy a copy of Pokemon White three days ago. Thanks to a trading scheme and the Relocator, I've got all the badges and I'm about to take on the Elite Four..and since my party kind of sucks, I'll need help beating it..

But, anyway, I've got the Poke-fever again. Yay :)

BTW, if anyone actually gives a crap, this is my White status report.

Location:Pokemon League

Cobalion Lv.47(Cobaltia)
Serperior Lv.41(Eiffel)
Samurott Lv.32(Wave)
Zoroark Lv.40(Lily)
Tranquill Lv.23(The Word)(Fly whore)
Gigalith Lv.32(Krystal)

On a semi-related note, I cannot wait for the Dream World to launch over here in the US. :)

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  1. Kayumi's Avatar
    Everyone in my team was in their sixties or something when I got to the last gym leader in Pokemon white, because for the very first time I actually fought all the wild pokemon instead of running away from them. I had an armaggedon machine Doredia! WOOTWOOT!
    Go Samurott, BTW! They're awesome :3
  2. Togechu's Avatar
    I ran away during most random encounters, due to the Ancient Castle and Victory Road being like this...

    *walk three steps*
    Wild *insert Pokemon here* appeared!
    *click Run*
    *take one more step*
    Wild *insert Pokemon here* appeared!
    *click Run*


    And yes, Samurott is awesome! However, my friend always grabbed my DS and pushed the B button when Dewott was evolving, because he says Samurott looks like a Digimon... -__-


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