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Usual Day...

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by , 6th December 2010 at 06:10 PM (198 Views)
(Note:To keep privacy, the names I use may or may not be the real names of the people XD)

Since my parents don't care, and for some reason I think a few people might be interested how my day works, I might as well share how today went...

Day starts at 6:30 in the morning, with my iPod's random song waking me up. Today it was Dreams of an Absolution from Sonic '06.

I get dressed, put on my Santa hat since it's December and pour myself a bowl of cereal. I chow down on that while playing Pokemon Stadium 2 and trying to get past Whitney(f**king Miltank).

Soon enough, I get driven to school, but not as you'd think. See, my mom needs to save gas. So she drops me at the middle school and I have to talk to my friend Julian while running to high school.

After our half-an-hour chat, I head to first period aka Algebra I, the second-most chaotic class I have..Today was relatively calm, although I learned that my mortal enemy is actually a drug dealer. I think I could use that to get him expelled.. He deserves it..

Then comes second period, which is pathetically easy. We need to go on this program called ALEKS and "master" math concepts..I just imagine the concepts as Pokemon. :P We're supposed to master five a week, and I mastered six today. Which let me use the other hour and a half to talk to the girl I like. She's a pretty good gamer and artist. :)

Brunch comes, and since I lack moneys to buy a drink and my best friend works the cafe, I just sit with my friend Nick and talk about Duke Nukem Forever finally showing up..

English Foundations is my least-favorite class, but I got a kick out of the movie we were watching, which was the 1960-something version of Romeo and Juliet.(I sang "Don't Fear the Reaper" all through it on a whim XD)

After that, PE comes up, and I put my backpack in the teacher's office(my backpack's been broken into I need to be on my guard) and meet with my friend Mike. We talk about Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon, the usual. Our mile run was absolute hell, though. Having a physical disorder makes my chest hurt after about half a lap.

I buy some pizza and a cherry Coke for lunch and collapse outside the counselor's office with my best friend Cameron. We talk about the Mother series and how much we want Mother 1+2+3 on 3DS, trade RPG Maker game progress, etc.

Then the aggravating Directed Studies comes. I just finish an essay, but some IEP teacher that was assigned to me due to a "learning disorder", aka I can't write, makes it utter hell.

After that unspeakable horror, she follows me to Health, where I just wanna work with Kasey and get through the day. However, my multi-tasking(I browse Bulbagarden to help me concentrate) is interrupted by the teacher, who triple-checks my work, makes me write a horrible email to my counselor to "remind me to do my work", and makes me search through my backpack for one insignificant piece of paper...

School ends, I run across the high school and the elementary school to my mom's car, slurp down a root beer, and go home to browse here, Userpedia, and listen to SegaSonicRadio while playing Stadium 2.

(BTW, Can You Feel the Sunshine is playing. It makes this blog entry feel epic somehow.. :P)

So..that's my day. Not much bullying today, but whenever that happens, it usually gets a lot worse the next day..I've got a bad feeling about tomorrow.

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