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Took a break, came back...

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by , 2nd June 2011 at 05:13 PM (279 Views)
..only to find out the forum looks waaaaaay different than it did when I took a break from here.

Hell, it took five minutes for me to find the "Post Blog" button...Oh well, I'll get used to it, I guess.

So, er, yeah..I got a copy of SoulSilver, started playing it..and WHAM! Got addicted to Pokemon again.

In other news, I'm trying to make a White team that's completely awesome, but I'm all out of ideas. So that's where you guys come in. Just tell me a Pokemon and an awesome nickname to give it, and pretty soon I will have an incredibly awesome team. Which I'll clone and give to you guys if you want, of course.

And on another note..I need new Xbox friends. My gamertag is still IronicKitty64, if you're interested.

Finally, yesterday I got, quite inexplicably, banned from TVtropes the second I made an account. Since that's my favorite site, I'm still kinda confused....

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  1. Oswin's Avatar
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    Can't go wrong with Mienshao, especially with U-turn and Regenerator.
    Leavanny can be good to, as can Reuniclus.
    I've found that Reuniclus is essentially a slower Alakazam with a huge amount of Defence.

    Hope I helped :)
  2. Togechu's Avatar
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    Hmm..those seem cool.

    Got any good names for 'em? I have a few, but they're kind of crappy...

    Mienshao: Doomweasl
    Leavanny: Creeper
    Reuniclus : SCIENCE(yes, in all caps).

    Got any better ones?
  3. Zenax's Avatar
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    Seismitoad can be good, I used one and he did the job. I'm really bad to find nicknames, though.
  4. Alex800's Avatar
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    Chandelure's great imo, and as PkmnGreen said, Reuniclus is awesome.

    I've heard of more than a few people that name their Reuniclus "U Jelly?" or just "Jelly", or "Jellybear".

    I named my Chandelure "Candy", I couldn't come up with anything better. It sort of fits since she's female, was a candle before she evolved, and reminds me of Halloween, and you get candy then. And I like candy.
  5. Togechu's Avatar
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    Eh, I don't really like Seismitoad, but I'll check him out..

    As for the Chandelure idea, that is awesome. In fact, I just caught a Litwick and named it Candy. :)


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