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N64 Epic Fail

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by , 22nd December 2010 at 12:31 AM (190 Views)
My N64's starting to hate me.. I've played four games in the last hour and had four epic fails. :(

Stadium 2:Pitted my in-training Pikachu and Togepi in a Free Battle, and things are going good. Sparky(Pikachu) Thunderbolts Cheer(Togepi) to the yellow zone, only for a Metronome. And what does said Metronome result in? Horn Drill. Which hits, making me lose to an Easy-level CPU. :(

Mario Tennis:Last round of the Flower Cup. Bowser(me) vs Yoshi. It's 30-40, respectively, and after a long volley, I mix it up by smashing the ball. Yoshi runs over to the other side of the court, charges, and returns my ball so fast that I literally can't touch it. One tournament for Yoshi, one angry Bowser.

Rocket Robot on Wheels:I'm in the final world, which any player of this game knows is hell. I'm on the fifth section(out of 9), with only one HP unit left. Thing is, HP sorta acts like lives in this game;if you lose them all, you teleport to the start of the level instead of where you died. I double-jumped to cross a gap, missed my tractor beam timing, and fell to my doom. >:(

Goldeneye:My fifth time trying to beat Cradle on a no-cheats run. I pick my dual machine guns, and with copious amounts of armor spam manage to reach the final phase. I open fire on Trevelyan, only for him to sidestep and fill me with so much lead I fall off the platform to my death.

Freakin' cheating games. But hey, that's part of the fun...

Also, since nobody answered my question from last time I guess I'll post it again..What's your guys' honest opinion of me?

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  1. Kars's Avatar
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    holy shit its paratroopa
  2. Togechu's Avatar
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    Yep. I felt the urge to change my name just to show my two favorite Pokemon. :)

    I wonder what an actual Togechu Pokemon would look like... I think I'll make one.


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