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My White preorder's coming soon..

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So I figured I'd figure out a team. And like all my other favorite Pokemon games, I'm giving them all names and a personality, with plenty of tropes thrown in.

Starter:Eiffel the Snivy

Yes, yes, unoriginal nickname..But anyway, Eiffel thinks of non-Grass pokemon as commoners, and Grass pokemon as worthy opponents. He finds Triple Battles to be boring, preferring single duels. He's also, in TVTropes terms, a full-time Smug Snake and part-time Magnificent Bastard.

The Lancer:Vix the Zorua

Vix just wants to fight, plain and simple. She's a Blood Knight with a tendency to fight dirty. Also, she's best when outnumbered, so if her allies go down..big mistake.

The Chick:Rose the Deerling
I saw Deerling and something in me just clicked..I love that little thing and Sawsbuck. Deerling's a bit Tsundere, as she cares for her comrades' well-being but doesn't care if Eiffel gets in harm's way.

The Stoic/Antihero:Candlejack the Chandera
Candlejack doesn't know why it's going along with the rest of the party, all he knows is that he wants to haunt people and get his general job done of scaring and burning people. Candlejack also will burn you if you look at him funny, so the team stays away from him.

The Big Guy:Yamato the Kirikizan
Yes, unoriginal nickname..Yamato isn't as Blood Knight-ish as Vix, but he enjoys a good fight. The guy really just wants to have honor, believing that Pokemon who are cowards won't meet Arceus..or something.

The Sixth Ranger:Reggae the Panpour
Reggae believes the world to be a playground, and to that end she's kind to everyone, just monkeying around. The simplicity in her personality baffles Eiffel, however.

And that's who I'm gonna use. Thoughts?

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