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My Favorite Music

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Just in case people haven't heard what I think are the 10 most epic songs ever. But I have to warn you, these could be stuck in your head all day. In no particular order...

10.It's My Life(Bon Jovi) The song was actually the first music I ever heard, and I was named after someone in Bon Jovi, so it means a lot to me.

9.Rooftop Run-Daytime(Sonic Unleashed) The best Sonic Unleashed song. And on the topic of Sonic songs...

8.Chemical Plant Zone(Sonic 2) This is where it's at. Sonic 2 is my favorite game in the series.

7.Overworld(Super Mario World) Super Mario World is the best Mario game ever..and the first one I ever played. This song tops it off.

6.We Will Rock You(Queen) C'mon, everybody knows and loves this.

7.I Feel Fine(The Beatles) The Beatles are rock gods. Worship them.

6.Through the Fire and Flames(Dragonforce) The hardest Guitar Hero song is also the most hardcore metal known to man. A shame their vocalist was fired.

Back to video game music...

5.What I'm Made Of(Sonic Heroes) Sonic Heroes may have sucked, like a certain game mentioned below. But this song made up for everything, IMO.

4.World 1-1(Super Mario Bros) Who doesn't know this song?

3.Route 1(Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow) This is where it all started. And what an epic start it is.

2.Solaris Phase 2"(Sonic The Hedgehog 2006) Yes, the game sucked. I have it, I should know. But this..this is too epic for words. As soon as my band gets a bassist, we're doing a cover of this. NO EXCEPTIONS.

1.The Final Countdown(Europe) Dear Arceus, this song is completely awesome. Again, I will do a cover of this. When I found this in Lego Rock Band, it was too epic for words.

Yeah..I like a lot more music, but I'll stick with 10 for now. Runners up include "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi, "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga(although the Eric Cartman cover is freakin' hilarious), and VS. Lance from Pokemon G/S/C.

So..for those of you who want to, listen and comment away!

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  1. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Route 1? Epic? Sorry, no. Pleasant? Yes. Nostalgic? Yes. Epic? Christ no.

    Also how was that Bon Jovi song the first thing you ever heard?
  2. Togechu's Avatar
    The first song I remember, at least. I think it was when I was four, going to preschool, and my mom turned on the radio to that song. :)
  3. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Togechu
    The first song I remember, at least. I think it was when I was four, going to preschool, and my mom turned on the radio to that song. :)
    Ah! That makes sense. Cause I saw your age and was all "Did he get a cochlear implant or something?" xD Also holy fucking shit you were 4 when that song came out, I feel old.


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