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Epic PBR Battle #1:Mythbusted!

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by , 14th October 2010 at 08:28 PM (352 Views)
I have no idea where to post this, but here goes...

I picked up PBR again for my HG to have a little Wifi battling. So, I took my five best competitive Pokemon and my little Rocky out. And what do I find? A team of five Legendaries.

We stepped up to Gateway Colosseum for this battle. The man was elaborately dressed while I felt embarrased for being so plainly dressed. To my surprise, his first Pokemon was none other than a Mewtwo! I sent out my Ninjask for a quick setup.

Ninjask immediately Protected against Mewtwo's Aura Sphere. I figured the man would smart up and use something like a Psychic next turn. I got scared and set up a Substitute. I figured out the guy had a Magnemite instead of a brain when Mewtwo Aura Sphere'd again and actually didn't break the Sub.

With only one attack move, Ninjask sped towards Mewtwo and used X-Scissor. Mewtwo was fairly damaged, but not critically. The cat wisened up and launched Shadow Ball. This dude must've had a thing for ball-like attacks. Ninjask's Sub broke and I smirked, knowing I wasn't going to have to wait long for my plan.

Mewtwo tried Psychic but my Ninjask protected itself and raised it's speed again, just like it had always done.

I commanded, "Ninjask, Baton Pass!"

The golden bug obliged and hurled a red baton at my second Pokeball before retreating into his. I threw the ball and out came my tank-like Rhyperior, sturdier than a brick and obviously intent on pulverizing Mewtwo, who launched a little-damaging Shadow Ball.

To both our surprises, Rhyperior moved faster than Mewtwo after all those Speed Boosts. He went ahead and stomped the ground, making an Earthquake that knocked me on my back. I got up to smile at Mewtwo fainting. Legendary he may be, but that guy didn't train him well.

To no surprise, he launched a Giratina from his Dusk Ball.

I commanded quietly, "Rhyperior, Rock Wrecker."

The brute snorted and launched a huge beam of rocks from his cannonlike arm, but Giratina vanished instantly. Rhyperior panted and stood there, taking a Shadow Force hit that he absorbed well. I told Rhyperior to use Megahorn.

Just as Rhyperior's drill pulsated green, Giratina was withdrawn and replaced with a Palkia, a Pokemon I had severe distaste of. The Megahorn did a good, non-critical amount of damage to the ugly space dragon.

I yelled, "Rhyperior, Rock Wrecker again!"

The attack somehow missed, and Palkia made a gigantic wave with a roar as his trainer pathetically tried to swim. Rhyperior fainted and the afterwave made my jeans soaking wet. I wasn't going to stand for this. I reached for my one Master Ball.

"Jirachi, let's bust this myth!", I commanded as the ball clattered on the floor and released the wishmaking Pokemon, much to the crowd's astonishment.

I smirked. This was all over. "Jirachi! Psychic!"

The fairy smiled, waved at the Palkia and telekinetically chucked it into teh ocean. It's scream was heard all through Poketopia. Embarrased, the Legendary's trainer recalled it. He sent out his weakened Giratina. The man maniacally chuckled at his type advantage. His order was harsh.

"Giratina, Dragon Pulse!"
"Jirachi, U-Turn!", I retorted.

The attacks met as Jirachi flew right through the Dragon Pulse and surrounded himself in a brilliant green sphere. The playful Pokemon laughed, backflipped and slammed into Giratina. The dragon tipped on it's side and fainted as I celebrated and hugged the Jirachi and Ninjask. The man was booed and bitter. "Psh, I don't need this, you hacker!", he screamed, throwing a Master Ball, Battle Pass and his Trainer card near me before leaping into the ocean and swimming away.

I left the Colosseum on a Buizel boat, satisfied and marveling at the Pokemon that I now owned. Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Gallade, Mewtwo, and, saving the best for last, a Shiny Latias.

So...whatcha think?

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  1. Kars's Avatar
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    • permalink
    jirachi spam !
  2. Togechu's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Jirachi was awesome. Turns out that you don't need EV'd or IV'd Pokemon to win:I just used three random Pokemon and won!
  3. SharKing's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Hm. Seems like you got paired up with the classic "Uber noob". Nothing to get too excited about.

    Seriously, Aura Sphere against a freakin' Ninjask? Yeah, this guy's a noob, for sure.

    Pretty cool idea, giving Rhyperior Speed for a sweep. Just one thing to nitpick about: Rock Wrecker. Sure, it's strong and all, but that recharge turn can mean your death in most battles. Stone Edge is generally preferred. (Also, for future reference, Ghost resists Bug.)

    Jirachi seems pretty good here. Mixrachi?

    Very vivid descriptions, and nice imagination. Those qualities of this blog really liven up an otherwise boring noob ownage battle.
  4. Togechu's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Eh, I thought it was cool.

    Rhyperior's bulky enough to withstand the recharge turn.

    I think. His moveset is Cosmic Power/Psychic/Doom Desire/U-Turn.

    Thanks! I try to make these entertaining. :)
  5. SharKing's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Rhyperior certainly ain't bulky enough to take a hard Water- or Grass-type attack.

    This is a moveset I see a lot with Jirachi:
    Iron Head / Fire Punch / Ice Punch / U-turn (with a Choice Scarf)
    Jirachi's Serene Grace gives Iron Head a 60% chance of making the foe flinch.
  6. Togechu's Avatar
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    • permalink
    He withstood a Vaporeon's Grass Knot once, and he has like 3% HP after a Surf, so he can at least take one of them.

    I don't like Choice Items, but I may try that.


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