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NOTE:This is just a sort of train-of-thought blog, meant to just type what I'm feeling. I apologize for being whiny and depressed. No really, I do. So, er, if you don't want to read me rambling on and on, you've been warned. Don't open the spoiler.

I apologize for being whiny and depressing in the above rant. Really, I am. Being whiny and depressing is just something I really hate..I just think everyone I know will get mad and hate me for being emo like that.

But, I got it off my chest, so whatever.

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  1. Flareth's Avatar
    You shouldn't feel like you're emo just because life is a bit rough right now.

    I hope I was able to help...
  2. Togechu's Avatar
    Ah, screw it with spoilers. :P

    On the loneliness, well, I do ignore people back. Doesn't really help, though.

    About the friends, I do have to accept it, I guess.

    I've tried so many times to work things out with him, and it doesn't work. He expects too much of me, apparently..

    And yes, you did help. :)
  3. Julum's Avatar
    I don't have the best mind, so for me,
    Loneliness= Ignore back.
    And a "friend" stealing things= Revenge and stealing it back.
  4. Librarium's Avatar
    Don't run away! Look, snivy king is right.
    I'm fuckin good at taking revenge, they take my money, I take their DS. As simple as that.
    If you read my latest blog post, I guess you'll understand that I know how you feel.

    And for me:
    Loneliness= you can always hop to the good ol BMGF and ppl here will cheer you up, 100% guaranted.

    Friend stealing things= if you're a girl, revenge and steal it back.
    If you're a boy, kick em in the ball and take their wallet(I swear I've done this before ._.)

    Sometimes, when I feel emo, I posted that in my blog.
    And know what? @Karamazov and the other usually cheered me up.
    So I hope you can solve your problem.
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
    @Llednar: He's totally right, you shouldn't run away. You did the right thing coming to us. It's important to talk about your problems. Have you tried talking to you dad about how you feel?

    If that doesn't work, you could try a school counselor. My sister was feeling pretty bad when she had to take Spec. Ed. math, but talking with the counselor for a while really made her feel better. I definitely saw an improvement in her personality.
  6. Togechu's Avatar
    @SnivyKing:I'd steal it back if I could. The kid's so paranoid that his room and his stuff is always guarded....

    @Llednar:First off, well, yeah, I could kick him in the balls and take his wallet...if not for the fact that this guy weighs twice as much as me and is a blue belt in karate.

    @Karamazov:I just don't like talking to people about my problems because I think they'll yell at me for depressing them or something. I've tried talking to my dad, all he did was tell me how good he treats me compared to the other people in the world. :( As for the counselor, I did have one last year, but I only visited him, like, 5 times because he was the only counselor in the school.
  7. Karamazov's Avatar
    @Togechu: Just because you had a bad experience talking to your dad, it doesn't mean talking about your problems is bad. Look at us, for example: you told us about your problems and how you feel, and we're listening to you without judgement.
  8. Togechu's Avatar
    Yeah, you're right.

    Thanks, guys. :)
  9. Librarium's Avatar
    Your welcome :D

    Always remember that we gardeners are your friends and we'll pick you up if you fall after we finished laughing


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