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Changes..and something new

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Yeah, this is my crappy experimentation with blog colors. Opinions and suggestions would be appreciated.

Anyway, here's a new team I've made for review(yes I know there's a RMT and complete my team, but I didn't think Stadium 2 counted), but with a twist. Since I'm a huge nostalgiafan, this is Gen 1-2 Pokemon only. Mainly for a tournament in my Nintendo Club, but that's beside the point. So..on with the team, I guess.

Also, the reason for the 100 EVs is that I can't really EV train well. I just use the vitamins.

Sonic the Typhlosion@Charcoal
100 SpAtk/100 Spd

I don't care if he's BL, this guy is my starter and I love him. He's a suicide sweeper, and so far everyone I know is surprised by this guy. Flamethrower is obvious, Thunderpunch gets rid of those annoying Waters, EQ decimates, and Return kills everything that's left.

Totoro the Snorlax@Mint Berry
100 HP/100 Def

Oh man can this thing kill. Curselax is infamous for it's power, which is why he's too good to pass up. Curse, Curse, Curse, etc., Rest, Return, win game. EQ gets rid of things not named Skarmory. For those, Typhlo swoops in..if he's still alive. If not, Steelix shows up.

Killowatt the Zapdos@Magnet
100 Spd/100 SpA
*Drill Peck
*Thunder Wave
*Light Screen

Yeah, yeah, unoriginal nickname..Zapdos is a pretty cool bird, plus I need a Flying type for win. Thunderbolt sweeps right away, Thunder Wave slows down other sweepers, Drill Peck is useful in weird situations, and Light Screen offers support.

Metallica the Steelix@Leftovers
100 HP/100 Atk
*Iron Tail
*Harden/Hyper Beam

This thing is a pure tank. Only Waters can kill this thing, which is why Killowatt and Protect are for. Iron Tail does reliable STAB, along with EQ, and I'm having a toss-up between Harden and Hyper Beam. More defense is always a good thing, but I'm more inclined towards Hyper Beam for power.

Hurricane the Suicune@Gold Berry
100 SpD/100 SpA
*Ice Beam
*Mirror Coat

Even though I hate water-types, Hurricane has saved me many times. Surf is near-required on a Suicune, Ice Beam gets rid of Grass, throw Toxic on to screw with the enemy, and Mirror Coat when I'm feeling lucky.

Ghostbustrs the Gengar@Focus Band
100 SpA/100 SpD
*Shadow Ball

When your foe loves stalling,who ya gonna call? Yep, Gengar serves as a sweeper and anti-staller. His general plan is to come out, screw over less special-oriented Pokemon with Psychic and Shadow Ball, or come in on a staller and chuck Toxic while Cursing them to death and laughing. The guy's fun to use and deadly when the enemy isn't expecting him.

So? Comments, ratings? This is my first time making a non-NFE I will admit that it might not be good. Still, please help this team, and remember I only use Gen 1 and 2 Poke's.

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Updated 9th December 2010 at 11:43 PM by Togechu



  1. RainbowMoondust's Avatar
    This hurts my eyes.

    Edit: Now it;s green, so... nevermind.
  2. mini-chan's Avatar

    THE SEIZURES!!!!!!
  3. Togechu's Avatar
  4. Master Mew's Avatar
    Typhlosion: I'm not a fan of all-out sweepers, but since that's what you were going for, this one looks good.

    Snorlax: You might substitute Double-Edge for Return, in my opinion.

    Zapdos: Thunder Wave and Light Screen feel out of place here, you might go for Rest and Sleep Talk instead.

    Steelix: I would throw out Iron Tail for Rock Slide, and maybe throw out Harden for Curse.

    Suicune: Looks good.

    Gengar: I hate to see a Gengar without either Thunderbolt or Hypnosis, but this looks alright.
  5. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    I love the sprites you used. Just sayin'. <:3
  6. Togechu's Avatar
    Crystal sprites are win, amirit? :)
  7. SharKing's Avatar
    Typhlosion: In the G/S/C era, this thing is quite limited. So it's good enough as is.

    Snorlax: I mentioned this to you before, but keep this big, fat monster as is.

    Zapdos: Don't you just hate the limits of the early days? Light Screen is a cool idea, and so is T-Wave for parahax.

    Steelix: Unless you can send over Rock Slide Onix from Red/Blue/Yellow (which I doubt), I can't suggest Rock Slide here. But I can suggest Curse for the last slot. Much better than Harden.

    Suicune: Keep as is. Toxic is pretty good for stalling, especially since Steelix and Zapdos can spam Protect, LOL.

    Gengar: As tempting as Shadow Ball is, it's Physical in G/S/C, so it's not a good idea with that pitiful Attack. And Curse is just suicide, since the foe can switch. Replace with Thunderbolt and Ice Punch for pseudo-BoltBeam. (Ice Punch is Special.) You need an all-out Special attacker, and Gengar's great for that role.
    Updated 10th December 2010 at 10:35 AM by SharKing
  8. Togechu's Avatar
    Snorlax:Got it.
    Zapdos:Naw, I prefer the old days. It took creativity to make a good team..
    Steelix:I'll put Curse.
    Suicune:That's what I made it for. :P
    Gengar:I agree. BoltPunch will kill everyone.


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