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  1. Sonic Generations Leak (SPOILERS!)

    Forgive me if I'm late and someone's already posted this...but apparently inside the Sonic Generations demo for 360 and PS3 there's a crapload of stuff from the final game. The level list, boss names, powerups, even a few models..and here's some of the coolest stuff...

    NOTE:As the title says, this is a massive spoiler. I'm not gonna mark them, so, er, if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read on..

    First of all, there will be 6 acts per stage. From what I can tell, ...

    Updated 3rd July 2011 at 02:34 PM by Togechu (Apparently there's a third era...forgot one stage..and added list of games the stages are from.)

  2. Need help completing a B/W team

    I'm building a new team to defeat my friend, who always uses nothing but Legendaries and forces me to do the same. Brute force never works, and I can't seem to make a good strategy for my team, so I decided to post it here for you guys to help me make improvements. :)

    My friend always uses these same Pokemon against me:

    Just as a note before I post this team, let it be known ...
  3. Crap...

    NOTE:This is just a sort of train-of-thought blog, meant to just type what I'm feeling. I apologize for being whiny and depressed. No really, I do. So, er, if you don't want to read me rambling on and on, you've been warned. Don't open the spoiler.
  4. Took a break, came back...

    ..only to find out the forum looks waaaaaay different than it did when I took a break from here.

    Hell, it took five minutes for me to find the "Post Blog" button...Oh well, I'll get used to it, I guess.

    So, er, yeah..I got a copy of SoulSilver, started playing it..and WHAM! Got addicted to Pokemon again.

    In other news, I'm trying to make a White team that's completely awesome, but I'm all out of ideas. So that's where you guys come in. Just ...
  5. To very little surprise...

    I am back. For the most part.

    Long story short, my friend gave me 30 dollars and dragged me down to Gamestop to buy a copy of Pokemon White three days ago. Thanks to a trading scheme and the Relocator, I've got all the badges and I'm about to take on the Elite Four..and since my party kind of sucks, I'll need help beating it..

    But, anyway, I've got the Poke-fever again. Yay :)

    BTW, if anyone actually gives a crap, this is my White status report. ...
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