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In case you were wondering..

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I'm leaving the site for a while for a number of reasons. Most people won't care 'bout this, I'm just posting this cause I need to vent and to let my friends know I haven't ditched them.

My brain works on a constant series of obsessions, so I tend to be focused on two or three things and leave the rest behind. Right now it's Kirby, Sonic, and my game, so Pokemon isn't holding much interest for me.

Secondly, real life has thrown lots of crap at me, more than usual. Being bullied once or twice a week is usual for me, but now it's happening nonstop. I'm shoved around, always get called "midget" or "Pokefag", and people are sabotaging my Nintendo Club every day.

Plus, being a 15-year old nerd, I've been thrown for a loop once I developed a crush on the gamer chick in my class..who already has a boyfriend. We're friends and I've told her I like her but I'm too goddamned afraid to get between her and her bf.

Finally, I've just recived a huge blow after, today, I come back from PE to find my Gameboy Color, given to me by my grandma for Christmas 2000, shattered on the Gym floor with the screen cracked, Hoothoot sticker ripped and batteries torn out, among other things..I'm pretty depressed over that despite the fact I'm getting a new one tomorrow.

Well, I guess that ends it. I'll seeya sometime later after I get all this crap sorted out and I start liking Pokemon again. Which'll probably be after I get Pokemon White and start with Tepig. :P

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  1. Milo†icgirl McQüeen's Avatar
    Aww sorry for that love.
    Feel better and hope you get the girl of your dreams.
  2. Rakarei's Avatar
    That sucks...

    Your girl situation sounds like mine (except she doesn't know I like her).

    Also, I've heard this from an actual girl so it's probably true: be her friend even though she dating someone else. Apparently that makes her more likely to like you in the future.
  3. Kars's Avatar
  4. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Sorry to hear you are going. I know you are 15 but you should sue whoever smashed your gameboy, last time I checked destruction of someone's property is a crime.


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