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We Need Guidance, We've Been Misled.


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by , 2nd February 2011 at 12:45 AM (268 Views)
Hey guys! I'm coming back for just a short time on here so that I could spread this out and hopefully get some people to look at this for someone close to me. That person being my father. He's been doing his deal and getting his photography portfolio (or whatever he has) expanded and he's actually got this image entered in a contest. And the image is actually pretty interesting --a beached Portuguese Man-O-War. Don't close out of that yet if you've clicked it, please. >: All I'm asking for is really, really simple. I mean... if you don't like the picture, that's fine, you don't have to do this... but if you do... it'd be nice if you could actually click the like button for that and help my dad climb the ranks if you could. C: Thanks in advance!!


Moreover on just where I've been.... I've actually been trying out different drawing styles and attempting to change it for college courses as well as doing tests and whatnot to prepare me for exams and whatever is coming my way in the future. I've also been busy getting things planned out and attempting to get some of my stuff packed since I'm due to move away in either the Fall or the Winter of this year. C: It's pretty exciting, really. I'll be living near UNT campus with a couple of my friends and getting to attend the university. So I'm all pretty jazzed about that since UNT was my first choice and I'm going to get to go the next available semester. C|

So yay... double majors for art/graphic design and medical technology, here I come. >u<~

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  1. RebornRocks's Avatar
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    Since I'm a Facebooker, I did it just to be kind! ^__^

    It is a nice shot, though,
  2. hurristat's Avatar
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    Nice picture..

    Good luck at university..
  3. Mako's Avatar
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    It looks like artistic talent runs in your family Jay :D
  4. Shiay's Avatar
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    • permalink

    Haha, thanks. C': I'm sure my dad will really appreciate that. ;u;/



    And thanks. I hope that I can do good and get through all my classes. >u<~

    @Sir Psycho Sexy

    Haha... perhaps only on my father's side. CX;; Though... there are a couple of my uncles that are pretty artistic on my mother's side, too. ouo;; Inno... artists are kind of rare in my family. XD Hahaha. But thanks, I'm glad you think so~ <3
  5. mini-chan's Avatar
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    I liked it.
  6. Blazaking's Avatar
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    That picture is awesome. <3 *likes*
    I love how you can see through the jellyfish and everything is blurred.

    Good luck for university! o/
  7. Shiay's Avatar
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    ;o;/ Thank you so much for that~ <3

    @Blazaking EX

    ;u; Thanks~ I'm sure my dad will be happy to know that. \>u</~ His photography is greater than mine, that's for sure. >u<~

    And thank you. ;o; I'm so excited for this~ <3


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