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So like... It's been a while, yeah?

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Heya, BulbaGardeners. ouo;; I doubt that there's a lot of new users that know me, but as for old users and friends, I'm glad to see that you're still around, alive and kicking. XD Especially since I've just been... lurking... and looking around the more interesting threads to see what drama's sprung up.

Anyways... I got good news....

Number one is that after all the drama that happened in July (some of you know about that, other people can go ahead and sift through if they're REALLY interested), I had gone though an asexual phase for a few months. Though, thanks to getting to talk with someone and really connecting with them, I can happily say that I'm in a good relationship with someone that I care about a lot~ <33 I've known him since about February and after everything that's happened, I'm just really glad to have him in my life. <3 We became official on Halloween~ >u<~

I'm sure I could rant and rave more about him, but then again, I'm also sure people would get bored of my doing so. :P

As for the second thing, I'm actually getting into an Institute, and I'm really happy to be doing so. <3 The Institute I'm going to is the Art Institute of Dallas and though the place seems a bit bland, I'm actually really impressed with it and every thing that goes on in it. So yeah... I'm looking so forward to getting in there and broadening my horizons with what exactly I want to do. Though, I'm a bit torn between Media and Animation or if I want to get into Graphic Design. They're both very appealing to me. Or I could perhaps bite the bullet and just go with Web.

And this summer... askhfdasf I'm really excited because my boyfriend is moving back to Texas so we can be together. <3

*shrugs* Very exciting things for me, indeed. <3

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  1. Mintaka's Avatar
    Glad to see that you have lots of great things going on :)
  2. Mitsuru's Avatar
    Have you consulted other artists on this? Art school was a pain for the ones I know of.
  3. Shiay's Avatar

    Thank you~ ouo


    I care not what people think about it. It is purely my own interest and if others thought it was a pain, well then, I have a lot of things to brace myself for. I want to go further in art, and if I'm going to have to go through pain to improve, then so be it. No pain, no gain as they say.
  4. Mitsuru's Avatar
    Hope you don't regret that sense of adventure...
  5. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Congratulations. It's good to see you're doing so well ^^
  6. Shiay's Avatar

    I'm not one for a pessimistic point of view. I'd like to think that everything will work and pan out in my favour. *shrugs* Though things have gone sour in the past, I'm going to keep moving forward because I'll end up nowhere if I take one step forward, two steps back. Art is what I want to devote my career to... so as long as I'm determined to get there, I'll get there. I wouldn't have made it this far without the determination I had for getting where I wanted to if I kept falling back because I thought I couldn't hack it, after all.


    Thanks. C:
  7. Ghost's Avatar
    You may or may not remember me, but congratulations.
  8. Flannery's Avatar
    I'm quite happy for you Shiay <3
  9. Phoenicks's Avatar
    Congratulations Shiay. You may not remember me, but I remember you, and I'm glad that everything in your life is turning for the better. <3333
  10. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    SHIAY! I <3 YOU!

    I'm glad you're doing really well. Don't be a stranger now. ~_^
  11. Shiay's Avatar

    I do indeed remember you. ;) Thank you~ <3


    Thanks~ 8D *hugs* >u<~


    Haha, very funny... like I'd forget one of the first people I've talked with here on BMGf.


    I LAV YOU, TOO, MOMMY~ <33

    And thank you~ I'm trying to get my schedule more regulated around here. C: But it's a bit hard with all my current projects. ^^;


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