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We Need Guidance, We've Been Misled.

Perfect Lie - Webcomic musing....

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Sup~? So I've got some pretty exciting news (actually... I'm sure it's a lot more exciting to me than anyone else, to be honest. BUT THAT'S OKAY!). While waiting for college to come along in October and my boyfriend to move back down into Texas... I'm going to work on a webcomic now that I (with the help of many others that I really just can't thank enough) have decided on what I'm going to write about and flesh out for others to see, I'm going to write and draw the events that transpire in my character, Jaydin's, life as an experiment. It's going to be rather dark and dramatic. I'm also going to try to draw some humour in this as well... but I'm kind of afraid to do so because I cannot be funny if I try to. I have to be spontaneous with it. ^^; And writing out the storyboard and getting it done... I think that's going to be one of the biggest challenges I'll face when doing this.

Anyways... I think it's obvious to tell that the comic's name is going to be 'Perfect Lie'. I would explain why... but it would give away too much of the story in one go. CX;; I'd rather have people follow this and read it instead of find out all about it just because I couldn't keep my fingers from typing, haha!

I hope that people will enjoy this first webcomic of mine. C: <3 I plan to update this webcomic every Thursday, starting with the actual first page on January 6th! So please watch out for it! ^^

A banner for the webcomic is going to be at the header of my journal. So if you don't know where to go, just click that banner up there that has 'Perfect Lie' written on it~

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  1. Stranger's Avatar
    That bra looks uncomfortable.
  2. Kars's Avatar
    she looks more dead then alive
  3. Shiay's Avatar

    Indeed. o3o I was hoping to make her look beaten and ashed from the things she's gone through.
  4. System Error's Avatar
    Sounds interesting.


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