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We Need Guidance, We've Been Misled.

It's pronounced SHEE-Æ. Get it right.

  1. Seriously...? >B|

    I know I'm popular and all... but people impersonating me on the forums now? If you want to worship me, my fanclub's in the sidebar, man. Just click that and then join the group. Seriously.

    You guys will never get my italics or my dominating avatar size. So quit dreaming. >B|
  2. Stealing From Jabber and Badal







    6. ...
  3. I Come Back A...

    I had a good time over at the Arlington tournament that was held, and honestly, I was actually surprised by how fast the whole thing went, over all. I was expecting it to go on for hours, but I arrive at noon and I'm leaving at three. The only reason that I'm on so late as opposed to that time is the fact that when I came home... haha... damn, I crashed. Just went out for a burger and a shake and once arriving home, I ran more ...
  4. Wish Me Luck!

    So... after I am done typing up this blog post and have successfully posted up to the ongoing list of blogs that are here... I will be going to bed in order to be waking up to leave to the Arlington Convention Center that's about an hour away from where I live. There's a Pokémon tournament that's going on, and I don't even know if I'll be so lucky as to actually get drawn to be battling against anyone in the Senior's Division. If I get drawn, great! If not, well... YAY, SHINY EEVEE ANYWAYS! ...

    Updated 29th May 2010 at 08:03 AM by Shiay

  5. Mm... Iamales...

    Ignore the nonsensical title of this blog.

    I am here to say that The Arbiter has been cured, lucky enough for me. Seems that I caught whatever it was I was dealing with early and was able to find and remove the Root Kit from my system. Nothing is deleted and I'm running AVG and SUPER AntiSpyware on my system at the moment to be sweeping everything more thoroughly -- I'm actually currently on one of the other computers that's in this house so that I don't run the risk of screwing something ...

    Updated 29th May 2010 at 12:06 AM by Shiay

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