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I'm Dessssperate. oTL

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There have been a lot of troubles this year with some things, but this has probably got to be one of the most annoying since if this persists, it means that, eventually, I'll probably be without access to the internet -- much less, my whole computer. Turns out that my video card has been acting up on me for about two days now. Now... I think it's totally understandable seeing as my computer is three and a half years old and definitely in need of new parts seeing as some of them haven't even been switched out since 2007.

Before anyone says that I can just go to sites to update them, hear me out.

My computer, as the title implies, has been shutting down on me thanks to overheating. This really only happens if I'm in games at the moment, though it's been throwing hissy fits when I'm in art programs since just a couple of minutes ago, and it's been really irking me because it does that right before shutting down now. And that means, uh oh--! that I won't be able to get commissions and OCT things finished on time if I have to get them done. It doesn't help that Round Three's deadline for BFOI is almost here and I'm having this trouble. oTL;;

I also have three different doctor's appointments this next week alone, so I don't really want to ask my mother or step father to help with paying for a new graphics card, or at the very least, a laptop cooler that I can sit underneath my laptop and turn on to keep it from overheating. Yeah, they're still paying off my hospital bills, and I feel bad that they still have to;;

Ugh... I don't ever ask for this kind of help from other people, but I do not want to be without my baby for however long it'll take for my parents to get another paycheck in order to get parts for my computer paid off. oTL;; I'm almost useless without my computer in order to do my studying and other things, too. So I would really just like to raise enough money to buy a laptop cooler. oTL Please.

And all my commissions are still at $5 till all ten slots are filled! So if you want to take advantage of that while helping me out, that would be very appreciated!


+All commissions will be fullbody images in whatever style you want that's on my commissions journal.
+Pokémon Trainer commissions can have up to three Pokémon -- a full six would add an extra $2. So that would make the commission $7. C:
+Any extra characters (human/anthro) in the commission is an extra $2 each.
+All commissions will not have a background and will be saved in .png format to preserve transparency.
+All commissions will have my signature somewhere in the picture (though, not on the image itself).
+Any commissions made will be sketched and shown to you for approval before payment and completion -- in that order.
+There will only be ten slots for this, no more, no less.

1. ~Mars-Frog -- Unova Dream Team (Emboar, Seismitoad, Hydreigon, Beartic, Beheeyem, Galvantula)
2. OPEN!
3. OPEN!
4. OPEN!
5. OPEN!
6. OPEN!
7. OPEN!
8. OPEN!
9. OPEN!
10. OPEN!

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