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We Need Guidance, We've Been Misled.

Heh... oh man...

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by , 15th July 2009 at 08:20 AM (241 Views)
Right... I probably shouldn't be posting a blog entry so soon.... But I thought this was a little too good to pass up when I found it on my RP forums when I was checking it.

@A@ Totally shows a different side to the Shiay people here know....


*washes her hands of the parenthesis*

Well, to be honest, concerning the route length that's the way it is in the drawing, you haven't specified anywhere - and believe me I've checked - the length you want it to be considered. If you've got issues with it you should have said 'takes 3 posts to travel it' or something similar.
Well... apologies for thinking that a competent RPer would actually have to think instead of relying on everything that an admin or someone with greater power on the site has to say.

As for the medicine working instantly that's how it is in the episodes, the fanzines and the games, you haven't said that isn't what happens.
Bull. The Squirtle Squad episode in the beginning failed to demonstrate how a potion worked 'instantaneously' on Ash's Pikachu, if I'm remembering correctly. Ash's Pikachu was rendered weak by only a mere Goldeen's Horn Attack, and yet, the potion used on Pikachu took time to work.

Following rules is easy playing psychic isn't, if you've got a problem with some things that other people do you should right down how everything works, we can't guess at it. If you want to leave it down to us then fine but don't jump down our throats when we do something you don't like.
Jumping down your throat? Preposterous.... I was merely stating out your errors. If you can't take the heat of a critique, I doubt you should really be writing. Besides, even though I haven't said much about it; you god mod.... You've typed out posts that have your Pokémon having the upper hand in nearly all of your posts. Not to mention that I've encountered the total disregard of your character's actions towards Pikachu and everything around.

More than most of the time, I had the Pikachu take the hits... but you know, I was also writing to better fit animal behaviour. You obviously haven't spent that much time around them. Taking a mother's baby or anything of the like is almost like a death wish unless the animal is friendly towards you and trusts you -- and even then, it's something to be wary of.

And, seriously? A weak level Eevee against a Pikachu of that level? Then throw an Electabuzz in? The fuck?! Mia's a new trainer with a new Pokemon, cut her some slack, in the games they never come across a Pokemon that much stronger, not even in the episodes. I know it's RP style vs RP style but an Eevee constantly attacking a Pikachu of a similar level to it would not be so easily ignored.

But y'know, I kept trying, maybe the admins get the idea if I assume it's a low level Pikachu, but no you keep acting like it's level 5 Eevee versus level 100 Pikachu so fine. You can win the battle, now I escape in a way that hasn't been forbade in the rules and that I find reasonable because it hasn't been forbidden or even discouraged. And I have not 1 but 2 admins on my case?
Last time I checked, Pokémon in the Power Plant are far from weak. I, however, tried to at least portray the Pikachu a little weaker than most. However... *sighs* as stated before, your character is trying to take it's egg. Do you really expect a mother Pikachu to just keel over after the adrenaline angrily coursing through it's body from your character just waltzing to her nest and taking her egg?

I wouldn't.

Also... running away from a problem never solves it. Only makes it worse. Oh... and that temper is going to get you no where, believe me.

This site makes no sense battle-wise and if you want to keep it as a friends only board because you're able to communicate the rules telepathically then fine but if you're after new members then you really need to learn to be more friendly and think ahead with the rules.
No... it makes perfect sense... I fail to grasp how you think turn based posts are difficult to understand. Like I had said before, you have a tenancy to god mod. More than half of the hits you had your character's Eevee dish out hit Pikachu without my posting a new response. If that's not god modding, then apparently I have more to learn.

I'm also failing to see how I'm being mean in any way, shape or form. I think you also fail to realize that we're still getting up on our feet, meaning we still have a lot of things to be getting done. Instead of mustering up a temper and lashing out, you can at least try to come up with ideas, however, you fail to even do that.

Again, I was merely critiquing your way of role playing... and you know... still, your character is eight years of age running from the Power Plant to Cerulean City. And why? All because you really want to have your character to have a Pichu, irregardless of what it takes to be getting it even if it includes god modding.

I run various boards and to be honest I can't believe the treatment members are getting here. Sarcasm? Implied insults? I'm not an idiot if you tell me to change something I will but if it's not in the rules then I don't expect to have attitude for not doing it how you want me to.
Oh, do you now? I'm sure your members just love you then. And the implied insults and sarcasm is never intended towards our members. As you may have noticed, we've only used them with the people that we actually know here.

I only asked you to change that because, oh, again, you god mod. I wasn't giving you any kind of 'attitude', though perhaps, now I am, mainly because you're the one who seems oh-so insulted by my simple pointing out of things.

High School Role Play Over 5000 members now THAT'S how you run a board, maybe you lot could learn something?

Here's hoping, but I won't be around to see it.
Mhm... and just how many of those 5000 members are actually active? I fail to see just how active they really are, considering that the board doesn't exist. And I really don't need someone who god mods and wants their character to get their way to be telling me, a fair role player that actually allows for another player to say whether the attacks hit or not, how I should be running my site, thank you.

Also, very well and farewell to you. I'm sure I'll be restless when I go to bed tonight, sobbing that I've lost a potential threat to my forums.

Oh and you can stick your font colours up your ass, that's not in the rules either and I'm not 4 - I don't play around with font colours in posts unless it's necessary because of their rules, it looks stupid.
It's to differentiate between in character chat and out of character chat. Do you really think that we enjoy having to look and go, "oh... so... is that what's going in in the role play, or is that out of character speak?" And though I would expect a competent enough role player to actually differentiate between the two, I'll admit that not having it that way totally ruins the flow of the role play...

Why am I still typing?

Have a fair day... and please... do something about that perception of thinking I was making a direct attack on you.

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  1. DCM's Avatar
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    *you were attacking him up there*
    but also very funny
  2. Shiay's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Quote Originally Posted by DCM
    *you were attacking him up there*
    but also very funny
    Ah... oh no... I was pertaining to another post that I had made prior to all of that ^^;;

    Mebbeh I should have included it @A@

    Apologies for not getting to this in a timely manner, however, I would like to ask that if you're posting in OOC, please post in a differently coloured font or in double-parenthesis.

    However, concerning your post, I'm going to have to say that for an eight-year old to be running that far is something... that I, myself, cannot come to be believing. Granted paths and routes are smaller in games... but that's for traveling sake. I'm sure that if a game had the real length of the route, we would lose interest in playing our Pokémon games very fast....

    Also... Paralyze Heal working almost instantaneously? Another thing that's not believable to me. It's irked me when reading it in fanfictions and other RP sites... Pokémon items like that, to me, should be like how some things are in the real world (i.e. Tea Tree Oil, Arnica, Calendgela), those items don't heal your cuts and bruises up on the dot. Portray it as it's stated in the Trainer's Guide to take effect at a minimum of five posts for any type of medicine to be taking effect.

    Please edit your post accordingly.
  3. DCM's Avatar
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    he was that awful just from that one post?
    you banned him, right?
  4. Phoenicks's Avatar
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    LOL That was good, that's the right way to handle a troll too. Nice one.
  5. Shiay's Avatar
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    Yup, amazing, I know @A@ and yeah, I have them banned now. >> I was like, "wow..."
  6. DCM's Avatar
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    theyre stupid, but since i dont like any RP's, i say that of most Role Players.

    did the person really think they could waltz into the power plant and steal a pikachu egg without retaliation?
  7. Shiay's Avatar
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    I highly doubt it, considering all their character's actions.


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