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We Need Guidance, We've Been Misled.

Dem Summer Daze

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Hurrah for Summer being here. Hurrah for it pretty much baking Texas... as always.

That aside. Hi again, how are all of you?

As for me? I suppose I'll be trying to stick around and look after some things. Gonna be hard, considering that I do have to find a job, not to mention study for some more tests. Yup, just having a grand ol time over here. C: It's been more fun since my boyfriend's been living here with me and we're both furiously job hunting so that we may save up and move out soon.

Can't wait for that day, actually. That day where my boyfriend and I move out and live out on our own. Then I can attend college without having my family tie me down (as they always do), and not to mention finally actually get out on my own two feet. The only backing that I would have is my boyfriend, though, unlike my family, he actually respects my independence.

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