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We Need Guidance, We've Been Misled.

Caleb's Journal - Day Two [Nuzlocke Challenge]

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by , 3rd June 2010 at 05:44 AM (210 Views)

User: Jay Wilson AKA Shiay
PKMN Version: Ruby
Character Name: Caleb Kale
Character Gender: Male ♂
Starter PKMN: Mudkip
Starter's Nickname: Zatch

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Partner: MizuJakkaru
PKMN Version: Sapphire
Character Name: Lana L'Engle
Character Gender: Female ♀
Starter PKMN: Treecko
PKMN Nickname: Juniper

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Rules we're going by for this can be found here. They're not dynamically different, but there are just some minor things that we changed around due to the fact that Hoenn sucked in terms of finding certain things as opposed to all the other generations.

(9:38:40 PM) Misty: hey Shiay
(9:38:44 PM) Shiay: Heya~
(9:38:49 PM) Misty: sup?
(9:39:01 PM) Shiay: Not much... doing the Nuzlocke Challenge.
(9:39:02 PM) DarkDreams: shiaayy
(9:39:11 PM) ***DarkDreams noms
(9:39:29 PM) Shiay: My Taillow is named: AAAAAAAAAA because I caught it while dozing off, so the name I entered for it was entered while I was asleep.
(9:39:41 PM) DarkDreams: LOOL
(9:40:14 PM) DarkDreams: :'D
(9:40:15 PM) Misty: You can play Pokemon in your sleep?
(9:40:20 PM) Misty: That's pretty impressive
(9:41:04 PM) Shiay: I know, right?
Day Two

Night had finally come and I had laid awake in my bed just waiting the moment that I heard my mother turn off the television in the living room to be going to bed. Once that was done, I had sneaked out of bed and attempted to be as quiet as I could have possibly managed. All my stuff was ready to go -- the last thing to be getting was Zatch's PokéBall capsule that I had taken to hiding under my pillow while I waited for the day to just creep on by.

With everything gathered again and ready to be going, I quickly slipped on my shoes and then unlocked the door to my room. Opening it, I peered around cautiously to make sure that the hallway was clear before I silently stepped over the wooden floors -- had to be careful that they didn't creak, and all.

Anyways... I was able to be getting out the house without alerting anyone to my presence. That was good. I didn't have to deal with mom's nagging and scolding of me. Now that I was outside, I immediately took the path to be getting out of town and onto the route to the first city or town that would be marked on the map. I wasn't really sure. After all, I didn't have a PokéNav or anything of the sort, so I was pretty much left to wonder where it was I was headed and if I was even going the right direction.

It mattered not, however... I'd just follow signs till I was in the next town! And after that? Well after that, I'd go and get myself a map, that's what I'd do!

Traveling along, I finally reached the next town after a good few hours. This new town is called Oldale -- it wasn't really all that big, but seeing as it was a place that actually had people that could tell me where I could be going next, I was glad to be here.

I let Zatch out of his PokéBall and looked to him with a smile as he looked back up with me, puffing his cheeks out again. I had to admit -- the little bugger was quite cute. Though maybe I thought this because he was actually the first Pokémon that was officially mine. I say that there were a number of possibilities behind it, however... I'd probably have to save them for a much later time -- like when people didn't want to hear my yammering on on something that they probably had no vested interest in in the first place.

Anyways... now that I was in Oldale Town, I needed to be finding a place to be crashing for the rest of the night. That wasn't all that hard to be finding, either. Zatch and I decided to just take to a nearby cluster of trees. While setting up my sleeping bag, I noticed that Zatch just rolled around in the dirt before digging himself a nice hole to be having a place to sleep. The sight of this actually kind of amused me -- because before I had actually gotten Zatch, I didn't really think of other Pokémon as 'cute'... just... 'cool'.

Well... anyways... now that I had my one-night camp out all nice and set up and Zatch was comfortably sleeping in the little hole he dug for himself, I supposed that this was the part where I just called it a night and crawled into my sleeping bag. As I did, I couldn't help but to be thinking just how exciting this all actually was. Mean... I even got a small adrenaline rush going when I was sneaking out of the house.

I gave a tired chuckle to myself and then closed my eyes. Certainly the next day would be a lot better.


I woke up at the sound of Zatch yipping rather loudly at something or someone that was in our one night camp out. I didn't really like this new form of an alarm clock, however, stirring to the sound and eventually sitting up while rubbing at my eyes, I saw just who it was that Zatch was making all the commotion about. After I had rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I looked up to be looking at the girl that was at my parents' house.

What was her name again?

Oh, right... Lana.

As my eyes started to clear from the blurred state that they saw in, I saw Lana walk over and then crouch next to my sleeping bag. I looked to her with both a tired and somewhat irritated look on my face as I continued to try and wake all the way up.

"So. I heard an earful at your parent's house, little prince. Something about finding your bed empty and you having snuck out for an adventure across the region." Lana was saying to me, somewhat of a smirk upon her lips. It was really a good thing that even if I was fully awake, I wouldn't have really minded the expression all that much.

Yawning quite loudly and obnoxiously, I gave my response: "Oh really? Good thing I wasn't there. I hate commotion." And with that, I flopped back down and rolled over to be getting more sleep. To me, this was too early to be waking up at the moment. I wanted more sleep so that I could be getting onto wherever it was I was going to be headed without the annoyance of the feeling of being tired tugging at my being.

"Yeah, well. I love it. Gave me a chance to slip away from my own house. And now, here I am myself..." Lana responded to me. The truth be told, I wasn't really all that concerned with what she had to be saying at the moment. Thanks to Lana, I was unable to be going back to sleep. Guess it was a good thing, now that I really gave it thought. After all, an early start was better than a later start... even if I didn't like the idea of traveling while wanting to go back to sleep.

There were a number of witty remarks that I had, though I didn't really bother with any one of them. I was hoping that if I showed enough disinterest, Lana would be on her merry way to be heading off in whatever direction she wanted to be going. Y'know... without me and all that nice and fancy jazz. I was nothing but a nuisance, as many people had said -- she was better off without me. Better off not communicating with me... and certainly better off without me, that was for sure.

"So what'd you name it...?" I heard Lana ask me after a while. I rolled back over to see that she was implying as to what it was that I had named my new Mudkip partner. A small scoff escaped my lips once more and I sat back up with another yawn.

"I named him Zatch..." I replied while making motion to be getting out of my sleeping bag. After I had mentioned his name, Zatch took to giving another bark to both Lana and the Treecko that was with her. To be honest, I hadn't actually noticed the Treecko till I turned to look back down at Zatch after he had given another yip.

Figures that whoever would be seeing Professor Birch next would have been choosing the Pokémon that had the type advantage against the Pokémon that I had gotten to choose at first.

"He seems like fun," Lana said, a slight grin upon her face as she leaned down to examine Zatch a little more closely. The Treecko, on the other hand, had slid down from Lana's shoulder and peered closely at my partner before extending one of its hands in greeting to him. The corners of my mouth tugged upward slightly at the sight, though my attention was quickly turned back toward my sleeping bag as I moved to be rolling it back up, tying it and then reattaching it to my backpack.

As soon as everything I wanted to be getting put away was all said and done, I turned my attention back to Lana and then watched as she sat back while propping herself up on her hands as she did. Her attention wasn't focused on me at all, though when she spoke, it was obvious to tell that she wasn't just musing out loud: "I couldn't think of anything to name mine."

It was like a not-so-subtle hint to be asking if I had any ideas as what to name the Treecko. I looked to the gecko-like Pokémon, heard Zatch bark again and then pondered for probably about half a minute before saying, "what about Juniper?"

"That sounds kind girlish...."

Though Lana didn't seem to like it so much at that very point and time, the Treecko that was with her stepped toward me with a rather pleased expression while giving a rather happy chirp of his name. Due to that, it caused Lana to look a little thoughtful about the name -- I, however, failed to notice this as I gave her smirk along with a smartass response of: "well, you could always name 'im 'Princess'."

Lana frowned; "If you were a Pokemon, your name would be 'Prince.' ... Juniper sounds okay. Maybe it'll grow on me. 'Sides, he seems to like it." After that, the Treecko (now officially named 'Juniper' thanks to my awesome brilliance) gave a nod of approval before scurrying a bit more close to where it was I was.

Crouching down, I held my hand out to the Treecko and had the little guy sniff at it. Zatch didn't seem to take too well to my doing that as he retreated back to the hole he had dug last night and curled back in it while puffing his cheeks in dissatisfaction.

"So, where are you headed first?" Lana asked after a while of having silence linger in the air between us. I shifted my gaze to her and then shrugged.

"... Dunno.... Away from home, other than that, I don't really care..." I replied, my expression falling ever so slightly. The only reason that I didn't care was because I just wanted to be getting away from my parents. I wanted to be doing things on my own for once. With how my parents refused to let me go and always made it so that I followed their rule and jurisdiction, I just always felt so caged.

"I was thinking Petalburg first, myself." Lana then crossed her arms. "There's a Gym there."

I quirked a brow to this while picking up my backpack and slinging it up to being hoisted upon my shoulders. I looked to Lana with a sense of piqued curiosity to what it was she had told me -- after all, while I lived in Kanto, I had always just merely dreamed of taking on the Kanto League Challenge. Though... as I've said before, my parents had always prevented me from actually going out and doing that.

"Oh...?" I sighed slightly, looking from Lana down to where Zatch was. A low 'hmm...' came from my lips as I pondered about the Gym Challenge a bit more. I never had any kind of experience with doing the Gym Challenge... and I guess I was afraid of getting something that I would be deeply attached to ripped away from me. That was something that I didn't want to be having happen any time soon. Especially not with how Zatch was something like my very first friend. No one in the Kanto schools wanted to be around me because I was an ass.

"He's called Norman. He uses Normal-types," Lana continued, a grin forming upon her lips once again.

"... Interesting. Takes his name in stride, doesn't he?" I replied pretty much instantaneously.

"Guess so. Actually... Now that I think about it... most Gym Leaders seem that way... I heard there's some girl named Misty in Kanto that uses Water-types... Hm. " Lana laid back in the grass after she had said that and I thought about it a moment as I watched Juniper scamper away from be and the curl over next to her.

"Mhm..." I confirmed after a moment; "and a leader named 'Brock' that uses Rock-types. Only know that from a Gym Leader documentary that was on TV a while back."

"Heh. Crazy."

Stretching, I gave another yawn before Lana sat up and then grinned over at me. Naturally being curious as to what caused certain expressions in people as their train of thought went elsewhere while in conversation, I quirked a brow to Lana and felt Zatch lightly headbutting my leg. Leaning down, I scooped him up into my arms and picked him up.

That's when Lana suggested it....

"You know. We should travel together."

I paused, held Zatch a little more tightly and then gave a somewhat skeptical look. I mulled this over in my mind for just a moment before finally asking: "... Really now?"

Even Zatch perked up only a small bit at that. I'm not sure if he approved of the idea or was against it. Thanks to how it was he acted more times than not, it was often hard to tell. And... that's probably saying a lot than I should have been after just a day... but it proved itself to be true for as long that I had known Zatch -- even if it was him that showed just as great an interest in me as I had in all the Pokémon that were there to be choosing from Professor Birch.

"Think about it. We can drive each other crazy. Take points. And at the end of the journey, when all is said and done, we can murder each other. It'll be great. Tons of laughs. What'd'ya say?"

A smirk slowly crept upon my lips at that. Maybe this girl wasn't as bad as I thought she was when I saw her first over at the house I was supposed to be taking residency in. Adjusting my backpack, I shook my head, looked to her and then scoffed amusedly while giving her my response: "All right... sure. It's a deal."

Giving me a smirk in turn, Lana pushed herself into a standing position, dusted herself off and simply responded: "Great."

Now that it was decided that we were both to be travelling with one another, preparations were made. This included getting everything set up and squared away at the Oldale Pokémon Center before we left. We even made a small stop to at the Pokémon Mart in order to get stocking up on food, medicines, containers and other useful items that we could have come to have been using on the journey that they two of us would be embarking upon. And hey! This man at the Mart was even nice enough to be gifting the both of us a free Potion!

So many things seemed to be going smoothly from the point that both Lana and I agreed to be traveling together. That was great, in my opinion.

Just as we were getting ready to be leaving the town, we were both actually stopped by the man that was at the Pokémon Mart. Both Lana and I had our own questioning expressions. However, as the man ran up to us and then panted and tried to catch his breath, he asked us between pants: "Y-you... you kids are b-both... n-new T-Trainers coming in f-from L-Littleroot.... R-right?"

"Yeah... that's right. Why do you ask, Mister?" Lana asked, adjusting her own backpack as she glanced from me back to the man.

Standing up straight and regaining his composure, the man cleared his throat and then dug into his work apron. I watched with a more greatly piqued curiosity and wondered just why it was that this man had stopped us and why he was digging around in his pocket for something. I watched his hand as he withdrew it from his apron, and like a Growlithe that watched, eagerly awaiting for a handout, I waited for what it was that he had for us.

"A lot of Professor Birch's newly registered Trainers come here first when they start on their journey. Though, seeing as you both didn't stock all the way up on some things, I thought I would provide you both with something rather important -- especially if you both plan on expanding your teams." After that, the man held out his hand.

Ten tiny red and white capsules were in his hand. At the initial sight of them, I didn't have to look in a mirror to know that there was a certain sparkle to my eye that showed I was excited to be receiving what it was the shopkeeper had for both myself and Lana. There were no words that I could have uttered to have expressed both my excitement and gratitude to be receiving such.

"Here's five for each of you to be getting started -- and remember! You can always stock back up on getting PokéBalls when you see a mart in a new town!" With that, we were both given the extra five capsules and the man returned to his store.

When both got the capsules put away, Lana and I were about to be going onto Route 102 to be starting on our journey. Then I paused before we even got on the route. My expression fell and I then looked to Lana, my expression turning rather sheepish. Rubbing at the back of my neck, I motioned for her to be going forward.

"Sorry, I need to be picking up something. I'll catch up with you in the next town -- I promise! I just need to buy something real quick." I turned to be going back into the main part of Oldale before Lana stopped me. I looked to her and saw a rather suspecting look upon her face.

"How do I know you're not just saying that to ditch me, huh?" she asked, furrowing her brow to me.

I groaned.

Seriously? I mean... yeah, c'mon, I could be a dick more than half the time... but the two of us made an agreement! I at least have enough decency to not break an agreement made between myself and someone else. Perhaps because I didn't make that many in the first place -- and that was probably because I wanted to avoid situations like this.

"I-- Oh, c'mon. Fine... y'know what? To actually ensure that I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass about this, here's my bandanna..." I rolled my eyes at this. I just couldn't believe that I was actually doing this -- my bandanna was probably my most favourited of my accessories. And that definitely meant that I'd be coming back for it.

Reaching up and untying it from around my head, I headed it to her with an indifferent expression. Watching her take it from my hand, I gave a somewhat irritable sigh and then turned back for Oldale again. Before I actually walked back into town, I paused for just a moment while telling Lana to be taking care of my bandanna while she made her way to the next place, Petalburg.

I didn't watch for a reaction to that and merely went back into the town. A good hour passed by and I was finally getting to leave the place with a new map in hand. Satisfied with having gotten one now, I quickly made my way to be getting onto Route 102 so that I could catch up with Lana, get to Petalburg and most importantly, bet getting my bandanna back from Lana.

Running through the grass, I was suddenly stopped when a thin projectile rushed past my head. I immediately skid to a halt and then looked around with somewhat widened eyes before my gaze was locked on a Wurmple that didn't look the least bit happy with my presence. Even though it wasn't, though... I hardened my own gaze and reached for Zatch's PokéBall.

My first wild Pokémon battle....

This would be something....

Sending out Zatch, I watched as the Wurmple attacked again before I had the chance to be issuing out an attack to Zatch. I was relieved that it wasn't another Poison Sting attack as what it had been when Wurple first attacked at me to be warning me to be getting out of the area. However... I did grow a little worried of the fact that the move it had used was String Shot.

As the silky strands bunched up and slowed down Zatch, I frowned slightly and then finally called out: "Zatch! Just roll with it and then near the Wurmple to be using a Tackle attack! You can do it!"

It was all surprising, amazing and just baffling to me that Zatch actually listened to all that I had said and actually started to roll while pushing himself forward to give himself more power. As he soon thrust himself into Wurple with a powerful Tackle attack, I simply stood there in awe and stupefied by what just happened until it actually clicked in my mind and I pulled a PokéBall from my pocket, expanded it and threw it at the Wurmple. The ball opened as it got close to the Bug-Type Pokémon and I watched as it was pulled into the ball in what seemed like a bath of red light.

As soon as Wurmple was in the ball, I almost danced for joy that I had actually caught my first Pokémon. However, my joy faded almost as quickly as it came as I watched the red light on the ball flash at me while the ball shook several times as well. Another rush of adrenaline ran through my body as my heart skipped a beat at that -- apparently I hadn't still caught the Pokémon officially!

Furrowing my brow and gritting my teeth, I kept my eyes glued that that wibbling and wobbling PokéBall. I couldn't believe that I had been so naive to think that I'd catch it be just weakening it and throwing a ball at it. My own stupidity biting me... I had even known about this from the documentaries I watched on TV.

It shook....



I waited.

A second passed and the red light switched off. Again, I just looked to the ball, just so clearly astounded that I was able to do something right without really having any experience under my belt. Though... it was obvious that I was far too caught up in my own state of awe, because it took Zatch going over to retrieve the capsule and then spraying it up in my face for me to actually be having my new Pokémon in hand.

Grinning and then laughing after a moment of getting over what just happened, I dug in my pocket for my PokéDex and got the information on my newly caught Pokémon. A whole bunch of information for my new Wurple was listed there -- including the fact that it was a girl....

I couldn't help but to give a small groan at that. I was hoping that it would have been male. However... I wasn't going to complain. Why? Well... because I was able to catch this Pokémon with Zatch at my side! And knowing that, all by itself, made me happy.

"Well, Zatch..." I started, looking to him. "We'll give Salia a more proper welcome to the team when we catch up with Lana in Petalburg. You did such a good job, by the way! We make an awesome team, you and I!"

"Mud! Mud-kip!"

With a slight chuckle to Zatch's response, I returned him to his capsule as well and started back on the route to be getting to Petalburg -- the map definitely in hand so that I knew just where the hell it was that I was going.

Current Team:

Zatch (Mudkip) ♂ - Level 9
Salia (Wurmple) ♀ - Level 4

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