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We Need Guidance, We've Been Misled.

Caleb's Journal - Day One [Nuzlocke Challenge]

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by , 2nd June 2010 at 08:00 AM (761 Views)
Just as a note... this is probably not going to be something people will be interested in due to its story nature. It should probably be submitted into the Writer's Workshop... but I don't feel like having something that revolves around the Nuzlocke Challenge posted to the Workshop. I'll save that for these three works below:

This Nuzlocke Challenge logging is probably going to be more drawn out with words than I'd personally like, however... I tend to get carried away while I write. Not to mention I'm slow as fuck when I replay my older games, so that may be another reason I'd want to draw out the story more. To compensate for my shitty playing. Even though I'm actually in Rustboro City at the moment. XD


User: Jay Wilson AKA Shiay
PKMN Version: Ruby
Character Name: Caleb Kale
Character Gender: Male ♂
Starter PKMN: Mudkip
Starter's Nickname: Zatch

Zatch's IVs:
Mudkip, Lax, Lv.12 - HP: 37 (31/0) | Atk: 25 (29/0) | Def: 19 (12/0) | Sp.Atk: 20 (28/0) | Sp.Def: 18 (28/0) | Spd: 17 (24/0)

Caleb's Journal: Day One | Day Two | Day Three

Partner: MizuJakkaru
PKMN Version: Sapphire
Character Name: Lana L'Engle
Character Gender: Female ♀
Starter PKMN: Treecko
PKMN Nickname: Juniper

Lana's Journal: Day One | Day Two | Day Three

Rules we're going by for this can be found here. They're not dynamically different, but there are just some minor things that we changed around due to the fact that Hoenn sucked in terms of finding certain things as opposed to all the other generations.

Day One

I guess I should start off with my name since you've managed to stumble across this journey journal of mine. My name is Caleb Kale. I know... weird name, right? Blame my parents.

Anyways... let me start my saying that I'm a teen from the Kanto region that was forced to move with my parents into the Hoenn region. I'm not sure what spiked this sudden want or desire, but I guess that I am to just roll with the punches as they come. Besides... it's not like this place isn't... nice. Mean, yeah... Hoenn's a little more... uh... spacious than compared to back home, but that's cool.

That aside, we got everything all nice, neat and organized in our new home. I found myself to be jealous of the fact that there were movers' Pokémon helping out with the moving of things. I was only jealous because I had never had a Pokémon of my own. What's sad about that fact is the fact that I'm sixteen and have had my parents never allow for me to get my Trainer's License or a PokéDex of my own. Because of this, I was never allowed to have my own Pokémon.

"Caleb! Why don't you come downstairs? Our neighbours have come over to say hello!"

That would be my mother. She always seemed to get excited over small things such as neighbour visits. Oh well... couldn't teach an old Growlithe new tricks, I supposed. Now to get down before my mother threw a hissy and stormed up the stairs, grabbed me by the ear and then dragged me down to say hello. That was never fun, I'll say that much.

As I made my way downstairs, I spotted my mom and then the people that were over. Another woman and a girl that looked to be about my age. She didn't really look at all like someone that I would've really liked to have hung out with, that was for sure, though I simply gave a small smile (which may have turned out to be a smirk -- it's hard for me to tell since people keep saying I'm a cocky brat and that my expressions only proved that to be true) and then started to edge for the door to get the heck out of the place.

There was a reason I wanted to get out now that all my stuff was put away. That reason was that I had downloaded an online application for my Trainer's License and filled it out to send all the way to Professor Birch via snail-mail. Since at least three months had gone by since then, there was no doubt in my mind at all that he would have gotten it and verified it by now. Best thing about it was that mom and dad couldn't have stopped me either since you could officially be doing this all at the age of ten.

"Stop right there, young man!" my mother's stern voice called out as soon as I was mere inches away from the door. Giving a slight groan, I stopped and then looked to my mother with the most unamused expression on my face that I could possibly be making at that very point in time. She always had to stop me and making me stay for stuff I didn't want to even deal with. There were way too many times that I had just thought about just running out, stocking up on supplies and going out on my own journey to be away from home. Though that time was close... I'd just have to wait it out for the time being. After that... I'd be off to the lab and picking up one of my very own Pokémon.

My first Pokémon....

It actually made me quite giddy just thinking about that. I, however, hid the excitement as I continued to just give everyone a rather indifferent look. A sigh expelled from my lips and I just turned my attention to my mother to give her this, 'yeah? Now what?' kind of look as I continued to wait for her to continue on what I should be doing.

I saw her put on that faked smile and I just resisted the urge to scoff and roll my eyes. So I simply gave a shake of the head as I watched my mom go and step behind the girl and smile a little more broadly. She was smiling, sure... but I, on the other hand, looked to the girl and gave her an unimpressed look before looking back to my mom and going, "so I guess you want me to introduce myself like a 'good little boy'?"

My mother gave me a hardened look at my tone of voice, though I merely smiled in turn and then looked back to the girl. Acting a bit over dramatic about the situation, I sauntered to the girl, gave a swooping bow and took her hand lightly within my own. Offering a 'charming' smile, I continued, knowing that this act would be making my mother upset; "hello, m'lady~ Oh how so very rude of myself to wanting to leave without a proper introduction. However, I'm sure that you wouldn't want to know the name of such a fool -- a young man who'd be better shunned by the people of society. Though... it Your Majesty implies the action... then surely I must...."

Bowing my head, I knelt down on one knee and lightly kissed the back of this girl's hand. Reactions were so fun to receive from others after acts like these -- especially mom's. The girl, however, seemed to look as unamused as I had when I was trying to get out of the residence.

"My name, m'lady, is Caleb... Caleb von Haustine de la Kraustine en Kale." -- Of course, by this point, I had gotten more caught up in the fact that I wanted to be excused -- even if it meant acting like an idiot in front of everyone. Classmates back in Kanto always said I wasn't the most mature of people -- and I didn't argue with any of them. I knew I was -- though as long as I had fun being an immature jerk, I didn't really care. I was hoping that it would build onto the reason for my parents just getting fed up with me and allowing me to actually go off on my own.

All of my attempts had been in vain.

Until I looked up and saw my mother's face flushed a deep red.

"Right... pleasure..." the girl whose hand I held said after a moment. She pulled her hand back and rolled her eyes to me while folding her arms over her chest. I saw her brow knit together in annoyance and I held back a smile as she continued, "the name's Lana L'Engle. Not that it's actually all that important to you...."

There was a moment of silence before my mother broke it with: "Caleb... just... go out and see if everything is in check."

"Will do!" I instantly replied, flouncing to the door and exiting. Man! It was about time that I was free from such a boring introductory get-up. Seriously. It's not even like I wanted to meet this new girl. I had to wonder if it was mom's subtle way of telling me I needed a girlfriend -- but in that case, it wasn't exactly all that subtle. Not from my point of view, anyways.

"Y-young man! May I have a moment of your time?"

Stopping, I looked over to the source of the voice that had just called out for me. Looking around for a moment, my gaze fell upon a middle-aged man that had a satchel slung over his shoulder. As I continued to look at this person, I slowly started to quirk a brow and then put my hands into my pockets while scuffing the bottom of my shoe against the ground. It took a good few seconds, though I finally answered him with, "just what is it that you need me for? I kind of have to get somewhere."

"Ah... it won't take that long. I'm actually looking for three Pokémon I was supposed to take care of in preparation for Trainers to come and get them...." He paused and then gave me what seemed to be a sheepish expression as he rubbed at the back of his neck. His gaze kept traveling from side to side as he talked to me -- obvious keeping an eye out for the Pokémon it was he was looking for.

Then something clicked in my mind. Just like a light switch being flipped up in the 'on' position. This man had said that he was looking for Pokémon that he was supposed to take care of in preparation for Trainers to come and get. As I started to fit the pieces together, I finally ran my mouth and jibber jabber was what fell from it for just a moment.

"I'm sorry...?" the man said, looking to me with a now baffled expression.

"Ah, my bad..." I said after a moment while trying to get my bearings straight. "It's just... I was actually on my way to go to the lab for my starter Pokémon. After what you just said, I take it that you're the professor here, right? Professor Birch?"

The man's brow rose at that and he gave a slight nod while starting to smile. He quickly wiped at his lab coat and then held his hand out to me in greeting. I couldn't really help but to take it -- and with a sense of relief over that, too . For this was the man that would be giving me my ticket to travel on my own for once. That would be allowing for me to get up and finally walking on my own two feet instead of being watched every step of the way.

He introduced himself more thoroughly to me afterward and I did the same -- sans all the dramatic acting that I had pulled on Lana. After everything was said and done, however... we had to look through the area for the three Pokémon that he said he was looking for prior to all the introductions that were made. Luckily for the both of us, it didn't take more than two hours till we got all the Pokémon gathered back up and returned to the lab.

I had to admit that the place was pretty impressive. As impressive as it was, however... I was afraid that I didn't really have any invested interest in anything here besides getting to meet one of the Pokémon I'd help reclaim. They were all so dynamically different from the ones back in Kanto at Professor Oak's lab -- then again, what I saw of those ones were from Professor Oak's documentaries and shows that were broadcast on the television every now and then. This was nothing like watching TV, though... that was for sure. Getting to actually interact and befriend Pokémon was something I've been wanting to do for a while....

It'd finally come to the meeting, picking and choosing time. I'd looked over all three of the Pokémon with interest... and admittedly... I took more time than I intended to. The three Pokémon that were there before me were all just so interesting!




It was a tough call on my part, to be perfectly honest. However, it was when I saw the Mudkip take just as great an interest in myself that I had in all three of the starters there that I had made my decision. That Mudkip was going to be my partner for when I traveled.

"Ah, so I see that you've made your decision, Caleb! And just in time, too. I've gotten all your registry things completely verified and I've got both your Trainer's License and PokéDex here for you. Tell me... would you like to nickname your new Mudkip? I'm sure that he'd like that..." Professor Birch said as he walked into the room with me. I couldn't help to smile out of being happy from knowing that I was finally having one of my dreams come true.

"I guess..." I started, looking from Professor Birch down to the Mudkip. I smiled warmly as the Mukip tilted his head to the side and then puffed up his cheeks. I gave a small laugh as I continued, "I guess that I'll call him Zatch. Dunno why, but that's just the first thing that comes to mind."

"Zatch it is, then! You take good care of him, Caleb. I'm sure that over time, the two of you will become quite the inseparable duo. Judging by things now, you two already seem to be quite attached."

Yeah... it certainly seemed that way -- and I hoped that it would be staying that way. From that point, I was officially a Pokémon Trainer. Complete with a Dex, License and Pokémon to top it all off! Hopefully Zatch and I could be becoming two of the best friends ever.

However... first things first at this point in time. I was going to have to wait for when nighttime came so that I could finally be getting out of this cage that my parents decided they wanted to keep me in. I'm not even sure why it is that they just didn't want to let me go -- but this chance that I finally have my fingertips scraping up against was a chance that would finally be coming to be fully in my grasp when night fell upon the cities and towns. All that was left from here till the time I had to be in bed was packing up all the necessary things that I'd be needing.

Then I'd be gone.

Current Team;

Zatch (Mudkip) ♂ - Level 5

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Caleb's Journal [Nuzlocke Challenge]


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    lol how thick of a book are you gona write about the Nuzlocke challenge, but anyway good story
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    I was doing it too until last night. My team lost to Wattson >.<
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    XD I dunno... I get carried away when I write. We'll see how long I last. Probably won't be that long, but oh well. XD;;


    That darn, senile old man :(


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