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What really happened.

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by , 30th July 2011 at 01:36 PM (258 Views)
1. Woke up a 2am and went on the forums.
2. Closed everything down all stealth like to make it look like I wasnt awake.
3. Fell asleep at 4 and woke up at 11.
4. Threw a waterballoon at Negihyga90(My bro- he is also on the forums) and he went in ragemode and slapped the back of my head.
5. Ate dinner.
6. Wrote this blog post.
7. Posted this blog post.
8. Waited for comments about how awesome I am.
9. Realised I suck.
10. Cried about how badly I suck.
11. Actually posted this.
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  1. Instrutilus's Avatar
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    What's going to happen:
    12. You're going to be told you do NOT suck.
    13. I kick whoever's arse who even thinks about suggesting it.
    14. We all go out for Frosty Chocolate Milkshakes.
  2. GatoRage's Avatar
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    You're awesome.
    See? I live to give.
  3. UnownGoldHeart's Avatar
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    15. Will reject the offer.
    16. Steals milkshake
    17. Lol's

    And thanks GatoRage :D
  4. Kyumorph's Avatar
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    18. Kyumorph steals some beer, gets drunk, and mashes a chocolate milkshake in someone's face.
  5. Baron Dante's Avatar
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    19. Dante tells you suck just so he can see what others do.
  6. ChinYao's Avatar
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    20. Hallow slides in to counter Dante's suck with a 'YOU RULE!' which counts thrice as much cuz she's more awesome =P
  7. Instrutilus's Avatar
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    21. Instrutilus aims Nuclear Missiles at Baron Dante and prepares to fire
  8. UnownGoldHeart's Avatar
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    22. Will thank you all for attempting to make me happy! :D