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  1. Lookin' for Roleplay partners.

    When I started BMGF that's all I did, roleplay. I wasn't particularly good at it.

    But quite recently, I've improved in my own and others opinion, and wish to roleplay with someone.

    A private RP of course, if you wish to roleplay just VM or PM me, I'd be more than happy to.

    So yeah, if anyone want's to roleplay or anything just.. yeah, ask me n' we can begin plotting.
  2. 'ello.

    I'm back, I guess. Who missed me?

    I certainly missed me too! :D


    - Unown.
  3. Bye guise.

    Okay guise, inactivity means nothing so from now on. I WILL BE GONE.

    I love you guise n shit.

    But yeah, before I go, I shall leave you with a little cryptic image; [ATTACH=CONFIG]72401[/ATTACH]

    Bye guise. ;)

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 25683179.jpg  
  4. Miss me?, haha. Of course not<3

    Well, I guess I am back ...once again..

    Oh well, I hope y'all missed me, with every doubt that you have.

    Somewhat pleased to be back...

  5. YES! Wait...no! (Wrestlemania 28 reactions and results CONTAINS SPOILERS!)

    Im still sitting in dissapointment at the entire PayPerView.

    First Match - Daniel Bryan(Champion;HeavyWeight title, Title Match) v Sheamus, DECENTMATCHLOL, who am I kidding? 18 freakin' seconds. Screw Sheamus and his WHC, I'm now a Bryan mark. The major boo's that Sheamus got as he won it in 18seconds (despite him being the good guy!)

    Second match - Kane v Randy Orton, this honestly was a decent match, no idea why this shouldn't have been the first match (that ...
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