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Grass Type Warrior

So, Let's talk about Grass types

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by , 1st January 2013 at 08:49 AM (3145 Views)

Well, for my next set of blogs, I wanna do a review of a certain type. Given my namesake, I thought it'd be appropriate to start with Grass type Pokemon. Yes, I know that @winstein already did this. In fact, that's where I got this idea. If you haven't read his Grass types review (starting here,) go do that. Like, right now. It's okay, I'm a patient guy. I can wait.

Are you finished? No? Then go and finish already.

Frankly, Winstein did a fantastic job with his Grass type reviews (he's also done Poison, Ghost and Dark.) I could never hope to match his dedication and attention to detail. Which is why I won't even try. This review will be solely opinion based. I'll be rating every Grass type based purely on my impressions of them. If you want something more technical, nuanced, and somewhat more objective, go read Winstein's reviews (you should have done that already. Have you been lying to me?) Because really, they're amazing. I know, I'm repeating myself a lot, but I cannot heap enough praise for Winstein's work. That man did a terrific job. And yes, I'm aware that I'm shamelessly plugging another user's work instead of talking about my own, but really, have you read his reviews? Hint: If the answer is 'no,' then you're doing it wrong.

Anyway, on to my thing, as I've already stated, my ratings will be solely opinion based. I will not get into the anime or the card games since I have next to no experience with those (as in, I haven't really touched either since fifth grade,) and again, Winstein took care of that. I might go into their origins and other such things, as well as their in-game and competitive impact. I will go into aesthetics and how they (dis)please me. I'll give my personal reviews for what Winstein has dubbed the "celebrity specialists" ie. important trainers who use Grass types. Lastly, I'll give my own opinions on how to fix the Grass types. You may have noticed, if you read Winstein's reviews (which you did, riiiight?) that I'm shamelessly stealing some of his categories. Yes, yes I am. He had very good ideas and frankly, I'm just following his lead. He has even more reviews (including unexplored type combos, and ideas for new Grass types, among others) but I'm just gonna do the ones that I feel comfortable talking about (I'm not so good on the creative side of things.)

Anyway, just to mix it up a little, my first review will start with the Unova Grass types and I'll work my way down from there.

So yeah...I hope you guys like this and find it interesting to read.

Now, go and read Winstein's reviews (you cheater.)

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  1. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
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    A shame you aren't going to cover potential Grass types you'd like to see. That'd be interesting coming from you.

    Still, given it's been almost a generation since Winstein did his reviews, there are now probably more things to say.

    Also maybe you should consider to cover the pokémon in reverse order? Start with Virizion, just for the sake of leaving Bulbasaur for the last.
  2. Grass Type Warrior's Avatar
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    @Infinity Mk-II Yeah, I was thinking about covering them in reverse order.

    As for potential Grass types...I dunno. Usually I'm good with inventing concepts and stuff, but when it comes to Pokemon, my mind gets automatically blocked. Maybe I could do it if I get the inspiration sometime, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Sorry.
    Updated 1st January 2013 at 03:04 PM by Grass Type Warrior
  3. winstein's Avatar
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    Thanks for the mention! Would be interesting to see your opinions on things, especially in regards to the "lesser" Grass-types like Carnivine. Will you be covering based on Generation, or evolution line? To elaborate, some Pokemon received late evolutions, such as Tangela, so will you be covering both, or one at a time?

    If you do a "Fixing the Grass-types", it would be great to cover the things that were fixed between Generations, because gratitude is something that could lead to better things.

    One more thing, do you think you will have an "Award Ceremony"?

    Thanks for reading.
  4. Grass Type Warrior's Avatar
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    @winstein Okay, lots of questions.

    1. I think I'll be covering them by family. To note, I would be covering Tangela and Tangrowth together. However, since I'm gonna do them in reverse Pokedex order, you'll see me cover Tangela with the Generation IV Pokemon, since Tangrowth is a Gen IV Pokemon, and so on.

    2. I could do a 'fixed between the generations' thing. I don't see why not.

    3. I hadn't actually thought about an award ceremony. I could do that too. Actually, that sounds like a good idea.


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